European Commission wants to “close the loop” of the circular economy

· Circular economy, introduced by the European Commission ·

“Towards a circular economy: A zero waste program for Europe”

On December 2nd, the European Commission has just announced a package of measures in order to give a new impulse to circular economy in EU countries.

With a potential earning estimated to be up to 630 billions euros per year for the industry and the creation of about 600,000 jobs, the transition towards the circular economy is a critical challenge. Climate would gain from it too, because this transition could allow to decrease by 6.3 millions of tons of greenhouse gas emmission. It is why the European Commission wants to send a clear message to the economic actors, thanks to incentive measures concerning as well eco-design products as waste management.

This package dedicated to the circular economy includes, among other things :

  • 6 billions euros investment through the Horizon 2020 programm and the Structural Fonds
  • a new regulation concerning the food market, aiming to halve food waste before 2030
  • creation of rules for the secondary raw material market, to incentive the cooperation between the industrials
  • an action plan promoting eco-design (durability, re-use and reparation of products)
  • a component regarding plastic materials waste

The European Commission conspicuously exhibit its will to go from the conventional linear economy to a genuine circular economy where one’s waste becomes others’s resources.

Brieuc Saffré, founder at Circulab, has been interviewed to bring his testimony in the circular economy presentation video made by the European Commission. You can watch it below :

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