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Global News and Trends

Including the social in the circular: a mapping of the consequences of a circular economy transition in the city of Umeå, Sweden – SEI

The circular economy appears to be an effective way to combat the climate change, yet the impact of circular transitions in cities has rarely been studied. This article presents the results of studies conducted in Sweden.

The politics of the circular economy and the meaning of trust – THEFIFTHESTATE

To transform our current economic model, we need the circular economy but it will not happen by itself, a political intervention is required.

Public wants circular economy to be more than just technical, global survey shows – Utrecht University

A new report of the Utrecht University indicates that the public wants a circular future more focused on the social and environmental aspects than the tech-focused approach.

The Circular Economy in Play: How This Aussie Designer Is Turning Your Old Laptops Into Jewellery – GIZMODO

In this article, discover how the designer Holly Ryan transform an old laptop into a new jewellery.

Circular Economy solution brought to the global south by WCEF – Engineering News

In December 2022, the annual World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) was held in Kigali, Rwanda. The WCEF is convinced that Africa is capable of leading the change towards a circular and regenerative economy.

World Bank Releases Its First Report on Circular Economy in EU, Says Decoupling Growth From Resource Use – Mirage News

The World Bank’s first report on the circular economy «Squaring the Circle : Policies from Europe’s Circular Economy Transition » states that our current linear economic model, with its  take-make-use-waste, is no longer sustainable. 

Building a circular economy from the ground up: The Gambia – Circular Online

This article explores the circular economy network in the Gambia and how this network is helping build a circular economy.

“What is Regeneration?” – The Regenerators

« What is Regeneration », is a short film imagined by Damon Gameau, Nick Maher and the “2040” team to encourage people to join the movement.

Measuring circular buildings – key considerations – wbcsd

37%. This is the percentage of global emissions in the built environment. More than ever, a transition to a circular economy is needed. Read the wbcsd white paper to find out more about the “Circular Transition Indicators methodology”.

Tomorrow’s economy must be regenerative – Emmanuel Faber (In French)

In this post Emmanuel Faber informs us that the International Sustainability Standards Boards (ISSB) has included a section on sustainability in the international extra-financial standards. 

Europe, Middle East and Africa

EU adopts border carbon tax to green its industrial imports – Le Monde (in French)

A new and unique system was voted in to tax imports from countries that are less strict in their fight against greenhouse gas emissions. 

Circular Economy the Key to Halting Biodiversity Loss, BCSDH says – Budapest Business Journal

Nearly 150 people attended the fifth Circular Economy Summit which focused on the close interrelation of circular economy and biodiversity. 

EIT Climate-KIC organises first Festival of Circular Economy and Bioeconomy in Santander – Climate KIC

Last November, the first Festival of Circular Economy and Bioeconomy took place in Santander, Spain. This festival offered participants the opportunity to develop their knowledge in circular economy and systemic transformation at a region level but also practice around circular economy solutions.

Irish govt extends circular manufacturing project Circuléire – Just Style

The Irish government announced funding for extending Circuléire, a circular manufacturing platform dedicated to the development of innovative projects that include circular economy principles, to 2023. 

20 creative ways (and counting) that Amsterdam is pushing to make its economy circular – Fast Company

Amsterdam aims to be fully circular by the middle of the century. Discover the city’s initiatives in this article.

Mediterranean region aims to lead the way in circular economy push – Euractiv

Organisations working on the ecological transition of the Mediterranean basin used the COP27 climate summit to push for the region’s future as part of a circular economy.

Green is the new Black (Friday): Why the EU needs to embrace a circular economy – euronews

According to Tahmid Chowdhury, in an opinion piece ahead of the EU plan to release a new packaging waste directive, Black Friday shows us once again the need to transform our current linear economic model into a regenerative one. 

EU targets big plastic with rules to cut packaging waste – Moneyweb

A set of proposals aimed mainly at reducing packaging and carbon dioxide emissions on various products (coffee pods, shopping bags and throwaway water bottles) are planned by the end of 2030.

North America

New York City’s Food Waste and the Circular Economy – State of the Planet

New York City is seizing the opportunity of food waste to take the lead in waste recycling.

“First” commercially available 100% ocean plastic pellet produced – Circular Online

A new plastic made from 100% recycled oceans plastics in North America, called  Legacy Plastic™, has been produced by the Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF).

Local Initiative Aims to Rev Up Cleveland’s ‘Circular’ Economy – Public News Service

What if we turned plastic into art? Find out in this article how this Cleveland artist got there.

Latin America

A Region Of Extremes: Why Latin America And The Caribbean Is Primed For Solutions In The Plastic Circular Economy – Forbes

According to a UNEP report, Latin America and the Caribbean generate about 10% of all waste generated in the world.

Asia Pacific

Industry focuses on recycling & recovery of industrial waste to address environmental & climate crisis: Expert – Pharmabiz

To face the current climate crisis, the Indian pharmaceutical industry has decided to focus more on recycling and resource recovery of its waste. 

New expert group established to advise government on transitioning to a circular economy – SmartCompany

A new expert group, chair by Professor John Thwaites, will help advise the Australian government on transitioning the country to a circular economy by 2030. 

Bangladesh Turns Focus Toward Circular Economy – Sourcing Journal

The objective of the event was to prioritize greener business practice to fight against global warming.

NanoMalaysia launches Biomass Innovation Circular Economy Programme – The Edge Markets

NanoMalaysia Bhd (NMB), the agency for commercialisation of nanotechnology and advanced solutions, has created a new program, in favor of sustainable agriculture.

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