Who we are?

We are Circulab

We accelerate regeneration ecosystems through biomimicry and systemic design.

Photo by Janayara Machado on UnsplashPhoto by Janayara Machado on UnsplashPhoto by Janayara Machado on Unsplash

Why Circulab?


Accelerate ecosystem regeneration.


Enthusiasm > Transform our constraints into opportunities

Consistency > Be aligned with the living in any events

Accessibility > Make understandable and useful services for the most part

Abnegation > Gathering the means to achieve the objectives

Cooperation > Stay humble to facilitate collective success

Creativity > Unbuild to better rebuild


Trainings > Train profesionnals and students to adopt systemic thinking and apply it in their context.

Consulting > Help companies and entrepreneurs to run regenerative businesses.

Design > Make the circular and regenerative economy real with great businesses, products and services.

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