Going sideways since 2012

Our first goal was to eliminate waste. But that wasn’t enough – we had to rethink business models to consider social and natural context.

In 2014, we helped our first customer rebuild its model, creating our own innovation tool based on circular economy principles – the Circular Canvas.

We built many other tools, including the Partner Map and the Value Chain Canvas. In 2015, we created our community, bringing together people who shared our convictions, and trained them in our approach.

After 8 years of bringing our customers’ projects to life by adapting them to the planet’s limits, we launched the Academy in 2019, a training platform, offering tools and methods, to guide as many people as possible.

Endless re-invention.

Brieuc Saffré

Co-founder and CEO

Boxing on the office walls.

Équipe circulab - Brieuc Saffré
Équipe circulab - Justine laurent

Justine Laurent

Managing director

Poses when asked.

Fabrice Sorin

Academy manager

Passion for renovation.

Équipe circulab - Fabrice Sorin
Équipe circulab - Anna Chuvasheva

Anna Chuvasheva

Coordinatrice Community

Always has a board game (sometimes more) in his pocket.

Marine Bigot

Business designer

Looking for the perfect pixel.

Équipe circulab - Marine Bigot
Équipe circulab - Angélique Guillas

Angélique Guillas

Project leader

Quiche lorraine and piémontaise at every meal.

Mathieu Reumaux

Manager new services

Cycles around the Ile d’Oléron when bored.

Équipe circulab - Mathieu Reumaux
Équipe circulab - Fabrice Jorge

Fabrice Jorge

Operations & communication manager

Got upset with his iron.

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