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Achieve resilience with problem solving tools and skills

As 80% of a product’s environmental impacts are determined during its design phase, today it is time to redesign with circular economy principles and embrace systems thinking to rethink all these product or service-related impacts.

Circular Design changes problems into opportunities such as waste into a resource.

The Circulab method

Our circular design method has helped thousands of change makers worldwide. With an entertaining and federating approach, understand systems thinking and redesign a system step by step. Creativity, collective intelligence and learning from nature are the keys to success!

Systems Thinking Design

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Enjoy a smart and action-oriented learning experience to acquire the knowledge and skills to begin the transition of your organization, or help your clients, shift towards the circular economy. Learn anytime and anywhere, from the basis to building up your circular superpowers!

circular economy courses

Master Circular

With this course, learn to initiate change and how to create positive impacts through Circular Design.

sustainable business models

Design Circular Business Models

Our latest shortcourse will teach you to design sustainable business models with the Circular Canvas.

biomimicry course

Design with

Learn from the genius of Nature and embrace sustainable innovation to solve your business challenges.

Explore the Circulab toolkit

tools to make your business more circular

Rethink and map out your ideas, projects, products, services... with the Circulab tools.
They have been tested and enhanced by many change makers on all continents since 2014.

circular canvas circulab

The Circular Canvas

(Re)Think and design circular business models, products, services, experiences, projects... to understand the system and create long lasting impacts.

partner map circulab

The Partner Map

Identify all stakeholders of a project or around your organization, consider their interests and and build strong partnerships

value chain canvas circulab

The Value Chain Canvas

Analyze your market and gather key information to identify sustainable opportunities and stay ahead of the game.

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