Good tools, good ideas

In addition to our work, we developed the Circulab Toolbox to help you rethink your projects – from the business model to partnerships and value chains. Consider the social, economic and natural context of your business.

Available for free, in 10 languages, constantly improved, these tools will help you deploy your projects.

Adopt a global – systemic – approach.

Everything is connected –
people, activities, ecosystems.

Value Chain Canvas


The Value Chain Canvas enables you to break down your project’s entire value chain in order to :

  • expand your knowledge of the market;
  • determine threats and opportunities;
  • consider the social, economic and natural context.

The objective : to identify the key elements of each stage to reveal systemic value creation opportunities.

Partner Map


The Partner Map allows you to :

  • identify the stakeholders in your project, and their level of commitment;
  • enable the creation of shared value;
  • anticipate how your relationships will evolve over time.

The objective : to find the best cooperation and co-creation strategy for your project.

Circular Canvas


The Circular Canvas allows you to :

  • map your project – be it the business model, the service or the product;
  • become aware of the impacts;
  • understand the interactions with your stakeholders.

The objective : design sustainable solutions.

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