Doing better, with less,
in an uncertain world –
that’s our job

Saying : a solution for every problem.
Nope – a problem is a symptom.

We could change the way a bottle is produced. Or we can rethink access to water.

In our work, we redesign the use value : we consider the natural, economic and social context, to deploy solutions.

Understanding the whole and the connections between the stakeholders : the famous systemic approach.

Everything happens in 3 steps :

  1. identify,
  2. propose,
  3. create.

Let’s look at the big picture.


We identify
with you

Life-size portrait

Understanding your situation

Let’s start with a diagnosis : let’s look at your business and its value chain, define your needs together and identify desired uses.

Let’s identify and then bring together all your stakeholders – their input contribute to the big picture.

This step enables us to understand your situation and action levers.


We imagine
with you

Diving into the unknown

Bringing out your ideas

Circular economy is a framework to optimise a system (even a complex one) by considering its natural, economic and social context.

Together with your stakeholders, let’s adopt this approach to set out the principles for transforming your business, and identify areas for improvement.

This collaborative work will enable you to imagine your solutions.


We create
for you

Getting our hands dirty

Implementing your solution

Now for the best bits : bringing your idea to life. Depending on the project, this can take different forms : from a strategic roadmap to a prototype, from an field experiment to editorial content, including tailor-made digital or analogue tools.

Then we look at what we have produced, gather feedback and data to provide you with a actionable analysis.

Bringing it to life – the best time, really.

Now, it's up to you.


(Straight forward)


(Monthly and home made)