Designing a plant-based offering for supermarkets

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Labeyrie Fine Foods is one of the leaders in the French food industry. The group owns the Labeyrie, L’atelier Blini, Blini, Delpierre, Comptoir Sushi, Père Olive and Ovive brands.

Labeyrie Fine Foods wanted to create a new ready-to-eat plant-based offering for the retail sector.

To help the R&D team design the product offering, Labeyrie Fine Foods asked Circulab to study constraints and action levers at each key life cycle stage.


3 steps :

  1. Industry analysis
    identifying plant-based sector’s key challenges for supermarkets in France, investigating circular economy opportunities
  2. Co-creation and value chain modelling workshops
    with cross-functional teams (R&D, operations, procurement, marketing)
  3. Strategic recommendations
    enabling the Labeyrie Fine Foods team to develop a new plant-based offer


What we provided :

  1. Circularity issues identified
    at Labeyrie Fine Foods.
  2. Qualitative macro-economic study 
    Identifying plant-based market’s main threats and opportunities
  3. Proposals for product range concepts

After our mission, Labeyrie Fine Foods :

  • tested the concepts’ desirability with a consumer study
  • studied product feasibility with its R&D team.

The product range is currently being developed in their R&D department.


  • Value Chain Canvas
  • Partner Map
  • Circular Canvas

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Project team

  • Circulab
  • Anne Brisacier (Circulab Community member)

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