Rolling out alternatives to single-use plastics in Paris

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France aims to eliminate single-use plastics by 2040.

The City of Paris has launched a comprehensive sustainable development programme. Zero single-use plastics is one of the programme’s central themes.

The city is committed to delivering the most sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024. The city wants the Games legacy to be an accelerator for sustainable public policies.

These ambitious objectives led to 20 measures in the “Olympic Transformations” legacy programme, the first of which aims to make Paris a single-use plastic-free city by 2024.

The City of Paris called Circulab to : draw up a strategic plan to guide public servants; develop a operating system to support Parisian retailers and professionals in phasing out single-use plastic.


  1. Collective consultation on circular economy
    • Involving 90 people from 60 organisations (associations, NGOs, distributors, producers, public servants)
    • Aiming to map the city’s needs and actors’ capacities to move towards resource sobriety and reuse
  2. Interactive workshops
    • 9 3-hour workshops, i.e. 27 hours of discussions, supplemented by face-to-face meetings
    • Offering an opportunity to share experiences and ideas on the context, problems, alternatives to phasing out single-use plastics
  3. Benchmarking and research
    • To identify existing initiatives in the area
    • To source roadmaps for phasing out single-use plastic in other regions, both in France and abroad
  4. Web development
    • Creation of an online platform to support the transition
  5. “Plastic-free Paris” annual conferences’ organisation since 2021
    • Event delivery
    • Speakers management
    • Graphic design

« Their in-depth understanding of the issues, their ability to listen to and involve the various stakeholders, and their precision in summarising the results were particularly appreciated.  »

Lucie Le Gall

Sustainable Development and Strategic Planning Project Manager @ Ville de Paris



Strategic roadmap for phasing out single-use plastics

  • Detailing the areas of work for the City of Paris
  • Offering a support guide dedicated to the city council

Discover the roadmap, guides and reports on Paris website

Information and support platform

  • Lists committed players, initiatives and information guides for private-sector players in Paris
  • Resources by sector (food, events & leisure, health & hygiene, tourism & itinerancy, transport & logistics)
  • Open access

Discover Le Pari(s) du zéro plastique


  • Value Chain Canvas
  • Partner Map
  • Circular Canvas

Discover Circulab Toolbox

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