Circular economy: The secrets to get your friends and family on board in no time!

Have you ever found yourself over a meal or a drink having to explain your business, the meaning of the circular economy and the need to implement it? Because we have…

No matter how many times we give the definition of Circular Economy and a few inspiring examples – by the way, we urge you to check out the case of Vélodrome stadium in Marseille – nothing can be done, the subject goes in one ear and out another.

Don’t worry we have found a solution. We’ve decided to provide you with a (non-exhaustive) list of gift ideas to pass on to your friends and family to help them understand the subject. But also to ensure that the holiday season is the start of a new way of consumption.


In the positive impact gifts category, we call (drum roll)

1. A surprising book that challenges our preconceptions

First and by no means least, Thimothée Parrique’s book “Ralentir ou périr” deconstructs the notion of growth and its necessity in today’s society. He argues that economic growth is at the root of our century’s problems and calls for an urgent transformation of our economic system.

2. An adoption like no other

As the holiday season approaches, we often run out of ideas. If, like us, you want to give meaningful gifts that are part of a more sober and responsible way of consuming, we have the perfect idea: adopt corals.

At first glance, the idea seems complex. However, by adopting corals, we can restore coral reefs and ensure that marine ecosystems are properly maintained. As these coral reefs have been damaged mainly by human activity, it is our duty to act to restore and protect them.

Coral Guardian is working to restore them, so you can adopt a coral right now.

It couldn’t be simpler: choose your geographical area, personalize the adoption certificate, and receive news about the restoration of corals in your area.

What’s more, Circulab donates 1% of its turnover to Coral Guardian. 

3. A 100% DIY workshop

If you want to develop your loved ones’ creativity and dexterity, offer them a workshop with an artisan. They will have the chance to design their own beer, candle, cosmetic (and lots of other surprises).

Much more than just a workshop, this activity will allow them to discover the secrets and techniques behind the creation of a product. It’s also an opportunity to put the spotlight on artisans, the protectors of unique, ancestral skills.

4. A bike like no other

Giving a gift that combines a passion for cycling with a commitment to the environment is an exceptional way of celebrating the pleasure of cycling while supporting sustainability. Imagine giving an mtrl bike, a bicycle made 100% from recycled plastic, a symbol of innovation and ecological responsibility.

Every component of this bike is the result of a remarkable transformation, where recycled plastic materials are transformed into an engineering jewel. Not only does this gift embody performance and style, it also demonstrates a commitment to reducing plastic waste.

At the moment, this bike is only available for pre-order, but we encourage you to take a look.

5. A vintage and ethical gift

What if this year symbolized a new era in second-hand gift giving? By opting for second-hand gifts, we’re choosing to reduce our ecological footprint, extend the life of objects, and support a circular economy. It is a way of rethinking the value we place on things.

So, this year, let’s make sure that our gifts are not just objects, but meaningful symbols.

Find out more about Emmaus International, an organization that works for social solidarity and against poverty, and find the perfect gift.

In the awareness-raising category, thunderous applause for :

6. A podcast that shakes things up

This year, Justine and Brieuc decided to get their microphones out every Wednesday! And the result is incredible.

A host of captivating formats that encourage us to think and act differently. From debriefings on change in an organization, to discussions with players in a circular economy, not forgetting Joséphine’s letters. We are sure you will find something that suits you.

You’ll be able to talk to your friends and family about single-use plastics and regenerative funeral solutions. Have we piqued your curiosity? Put your ear to the ground here (only in French).

7. A dynamic evening…

Are you familiar with the subject of resilience? Would you like to initiate real change but don’t know where to start? Why not start with a drink?

We have put together a free pack of cards, “Talks with your Neighbours” that will help you and your friends and family initiate resilience in your neighbourhood and create a real collective movement. Download it now.

PS: there is also a version for businesses, the “Business Resilience Game”. If you are interested, please contact us.

8. A short course to end the year on a high note

It has been a big year for learning, and we know how keen you are on short courses, so we have decided to meet your expectations.

In this MOOC developed in partnership with the ESSEC business school, explore the solutions that enable organizations to meet the challenge posed by climate change.

Start the free course today.

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