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FOMO is not a good friend

We know the drill: retrieving relevant examples and solutions about circular economy is not always easy. Whether you’re working on a benchmark for one of your clients, or trying to stay up to date with what is happening, it requires time and energy – more than you thought in the first place.

Yep. It happens to us too. Like A LOT.

So we thought we could try to do something to help (us, and you).


We built what we needed

Where do we start from here?

Well, for years, we’ve been advising and training companies and institutions to make circular economy happen. In many industries.

We uncovered real examples, one project at the time. For us, it was a way to learn as much as to prove it works, in so many ways.

We thought it would be a great idea to start gathering those examples in one same place, to access them with ease. We decided to build ourselves a tool to do so.

Facing the result, we had a (second) great idea: Why not make it available to anyone who could need it?

A tool made for diggers

The result of this process is DICES, a database listing 500+ (and counting) circular economy solutions from around the globe. Those solutions have been (and still are) gathered by Circulab and +Impakt teams.

For us, it’s a great tool to search for (and find) good ideas and real examples regarding circular economy on a daily basis. When working on a benchmark for a client, this is where we go, whether it’s to track emerging solutions or stay up to date with the last projects uncovered by one of both team members.


Some examples? Sure:

  • a French company called Koovee makes vegan edible cutlery to avoid use of plastic forks;
  • a Dutch company, Roetz Life, is working on a e-bike made from recycled materials, and with a modular design allowing to switch from a simple bike to a long tail or a cargo bike;
  • the Finnish Parliament has introduced legislation requiring companies to offset their carbon emissions by investing in carbon removal projects.

3 out of 500+ examples we find and gather in DICES.

Because we love to dig, we built this for the rest of us – diggers. Search engine, filters, related content – anything we could think of to make it easy for us to find relevant info, we tried to add it. This is our tool, so we made it the way we wanted.

Let’s be honest: benchmarking got wayyy faster. This is one of the ways we stay ahead of the curve 😉

Keep calm and carry on

What’s next ?

  • For us, keep on track – curating solutions (to expand the directory) and improving the platform (so you can dig with ease).
  • For you, have a look. And contact Mathieu ( if you have any questions.

By Mathieu Reumaux, Head of New Products, and Fabrice Jorge, Head of Operations at Circulab

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