Train executives to transform business models towards more circularity

· A 4-hour serious game for executives, to learn how to transform business models with the circular economy. ·

A circular economy serious game for the Executives MBA at EDHEC

In its Executive MBA, EDHEC Business School offers each promotion 2 days dedicated to sustainability. Convinced by the necessity of systems thinking and the power of cooperation, Stéphane Canonne, Associate Dean for Executive Education at EDHEC Business School, asks Circulab to animate a serious game for half-day on sustainable business models. The main objective is to learn how to transform a harmful, degenerative and linear business model to a sustainable, responsible and regenerative one.

Stéphane Canonne, Executive Education & MBA Director of EDHEC Business School

Circulab is involved in our Executive MBA on sustainable innovation issues. Through a fun and creative workshop, Justine's team successfully enables participants to take ownership of the circular economy and develops their ability to generate sustainable business models.

The Circular Canvas as a tool for business model transformation

The Circular Canvas tool has been specially created to help economic actors rethink their business model, their project, their offer with the aim of creating positive and sustainable impacts. It is by adopting systems thinking, mapping impacts and using the principles of the circular and regenerative economy that positive impact solutions will emerge. This tool can be used in autonomy, in workshops but also as a serious game to gather teams on a applicative case such as with the Executive MBA.

Circular Canvas - Circular design tool

A playful and teamfocus experience

We learn best by doing and we do best by cooperating. This is why this half-day workshop was designed to be fun and collaborative, using collective intelligence.

For each session, the 15 to 25 participants have to transform a linear business model to a sustainable one, applying the circular economy. To do so, they are divided into teams and play together with the Circular Canvas, cards and other creativity tools to solve a given scenario and deliver some creative ideas and recommendations to transform the business model and maximize its positive impacts.

50 executives already trained to sustainable business models

The aim of the "sustainable business models" workshop was to enable these economic actors to transform their current business model, to identify potential opportunities and threats in their environment, to improve their resilience in the long term and to make them aware of the need for all organisations to adopt an environmental, ethical, sustainable and responsible approach.


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