How to support entrepreneurs to implement a circular economy?

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CCI Var 2C Invest

Type of project : circular strategy consulting
Country: France
Type of organization: entrepreneur & start-up
Line of Business: Agrifood/foodtech
Tools used: Circular Canvas, Value Chain Canvas, Partner Map

The Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public institution that represents the interests of industry, commerce and services to the public and foreign authorities.


EcoCircus is a European project that promotes the emergence of VSEs and SMEs in sectors related to blue and green growth, based on the opportunities of Circular Economy. The objective is to encourage the development of sustainable and resilient business models. A two-stage support is provided. It consists of a mentoring phase and an individual coaching phase.


As part of EcoCircus, two projects needed to be supported in the development of their strategy and the integration of circular economy principles into their business model. These were:

- Les Boîtes Toulonnaises: a dishes deposit offer. This re-use solution is intended for independent restaurant owners in Toulon.

- Grinoloco: a local online grocery shop with shared logistics

Offer and key points

Two types of support were offered to project leaders:

  • Mentoring: 2 webinars on circular economic models and impact entrepreneurship

  • Individual support: design of a method and provision of entrepreneurship tools and 10 mentoring sessions per project over 4 months


At the end of the mentoring, the entrepreneurs were able to clearly define their value proposition, create a benchmark of their competitors and develop a strategic roadmap.

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