How to develop a new economic model for a third place?

· La Fabrique des Lilas case study ·

La Fabrique des Lilas logo

Type of project : Product/service design
Country: France
Type of organization: NGO and association
Line of Business: Space design
Tools used: Circular Canvas

La Fabrique des Lilas is a mobile Fablab focused on eco-design, repair and conviviality. Its goal is to raise awareness, promote, develop and train in the circular economy and manual work through new practices and the use of digital technologies (CNC/3D).

This project was led by Laure Le Hello and Ruddy Luce, members of the Circulab Community.


The association, La Fabrique des Lilas, after several years of operation in itinerancy, finally defined a fixed physical place and thus wants to develop the economic model of this future third place.


The main need of La Fabrique des Lilas was to define the business model of a new third place. This business model had to be in line with the organization's mission, values and activities.

Offer and key points

Two half-day workshops on the Circular Canvas were proposed to the association to develop its business model. These were divided as follows:

  • Define the main activity of the place and its mission

  • Identify the components of the economic model by filling in the canvas, to understand the associated impacts and to evaluate the economic viability of the third place


A new preliminary business model has been defined.

Image La Fabrique des Lilas
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