Value nature and biodiversity with a game: Biomimicards case study

Make biomimicry accessible; a game to understand innovation inspired by nature

With 3,8 billions year of evolution, nature is the best example of resilience and innovation.

In nature waste doesn’t exist, elements know how and when to cooperate and symbiosis makes the system stronger.

Instead of being human-centric and by ego-centric, we must observe forms, materials and behaviors that surround us all over. Solutions are in trees, seas, soils, air…

This practice that aims to learn from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenge is called biomimicry.

Biomimicry needs to be spread in organizations to design regenerative systems.


Investigate the best innovations in nature

The natural world contains about 8.7 million species; animals, organisms, plants, insects, funghi… In France, 2 new species are discovered every day.

It would be impossible to know and each species, and pretentious to claim knowing it or event intending to. Some of it can’t even be seen.

Nevertheless, there already are striking examples of innovation among the the common species. In order to make biomimicry accessible, we aimed to present elements the majority of us know and have seen.

Cartes biomimétismes

Design a game to discover biomimicry

To discover powers of nature and the need for preserving it, what’s better than playing?

We designed a playful experience with cards, board game and website, so that people can discover the super-powers of nature and how it can help solving design problems. Thus, designers, professionals but also purpils or students can play together to take inspiration from nature in their future.

Whether to move, build, heal or get dressed, the whole living creatures are limitless sources of inspirations. During the game, the players, from 7 to 77 years old will be aware of the importance of biodiversity and the importance of preserving and restoring it.

Train your teams to biomimicry

You aim to better consider nature and biodiversity in your projects? You want your teams to discover biomimicry and design your own game or methods?

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