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Create with systems centered design

There is a true gap between R&D and market needs. Indeed, the brief given to designers or product owners doesn't yet allow a systemic approach. However, this holistic approach is today necessary to avoid negative externalities.

Design must be embraced as an applied skill of product or service creation, but also as a way to imagine different patterns from production to consumption to end-of-life. Design must be circular, considering not only user experience or business viability, but also the regeneration of natural and human ecosystems.

By working with us, get closer to the end-users needs by improving their experience but also by considering the system regeneration around them.

They have worked with us:

With Circular Design

connect the user needs with the ecosystems

At Circulab, we believe that:

1- The design stage is key, all stakeholders must be involved in the process.

2- Any company or organization should adopt design thinking to its process and development.

3- Any product or service, must be desirable, low resource consuming, viable and regenerative by design.

This is why the products and services we design are not only for the end user, but also for the community and the natural ecosystems all around the organization. From material selection to processes, we can help you create a circular design brief but also prototype and test your ideas to ensure final results with high value.

  • Product and service design

    To meet a need for differentiation, transformation or innovation, our teams design, transform or improve your products and services.

    From a brief, identified misused resources or from a simple idea, we think about the best materials, sources of supply, user experience and business models before shaping the solution through models and simulations.

  • Design sprint

    If you need to activate the circular design method rapidly and under pressure, we suggest a Circular Design Sprint.

    In 3 to 5 days, we will bring together your teams and stakeholders and lead them from defining the problem to creating a proof of concept.

    The Explore, Create and Activate steps of the traditional innovation program are therefore accomplished in a “sprint mode”, such speed will make creativity soar.

  • Prototype and user tests

    In order to validate both the use and the interest or functionalities of the solution, it is necessary to prototype it to test it and thus collect feedback from potential users.

    Circulab can develop your prototype, set up and monitor the tests, before synthesizing the feedback with improvements and specifications for a clear and easily usable analysis.

Start designing. For the future!

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