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· City of Paris case study ·

Concertation to achieve zéro single-use plastics: City of Paris case study

Build a roadmap for zero single-use plastics

25,8 millions tons of plastic waste are produced every year in Europe, 8 million tons of plastic waste are contaminating oceans and the main part of it, is single-use plastic. The issues of single-use plastics are increasingly discussed, some citizens are bashing plastics and companies have already lead the path towards new models of distribution to prevent single-use.
France aims to eliminate single-use plastics by 2040.
The City of Paris has initiated a global program on sustainable development (multi-axis).  The “zero single-use plastic” dimension is one of the core focus of the program.  At the same time, the City of Paris is committed to deliver 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games as sustainably and sober as possible, also useful to Parisians, and to leverage the event as an accelerator for sustainable public policies. These ambitious goals, led to the development of 20 measures of the “Olympic Transformations” legacy program, the first of which aims to make Paris a single-use plastic free city by 2024.

In this context, a strategy note was provided to elected officials to help them establish the roadmap for achieving zero single-use plastic in Paris by 2024.

Lucie Le Gall, Sustainable Development Manager

General Delegation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and Major Events (ISO 20121 certified)

Circulab’s team was able to support the City of Paris in a pragmatic, relevant and reactive way throughout the various stages of the service (approximately 4 months). Their good understanding of the issues, their ability to listen and involve the different stakeholders, as well as their precision in synthesizing the results were particularly appreciated in the execution of their mission. A very positive experience for all the collaborators working with this firm.

Concertation and dialogue to involve stakeholders

In order to achieve the objective of roadmapping to zero single-use plastics, the City of Paris wishes to involved stakeholders among all value chains: associations, NGO, distributors, producers, city representatives...


Circulab was in charge of gathering and involving the stakeholders along the journey, to better map the needs and capacities of the territory to move towards sobriety and reuse.


More than 90 people from 60 organizations were involved over a 4-month concertation on circular economy.


Workshops to get the best from collective intelligence

In order to get the best from the concertation, not only we lead face-to-face interviews with key stakeholders, but we also organized and facilited a serie of workshops following an iterative and creative method.


Different workshops - 9 in total, 27hours - enabled the stakeholders to share their opinions, experiences and ideas about: the current context and issues for single-use plastics, the existing alternatives and solutions, the next steps and actions to achieve zero single-use plastics in Paris by 2024.

Benchmark and documentation to inspire the participants

The idea was not to start from scratch and find an universal solution to the complex problem of single use-plastic.


Our objective was to build on what is already existing and to value the alternatives with the best projects scenario. That is why Circulab did a continuous work of benchmarking on existing projects such as Freiburg Cup, Trashless takeaway or Uzaje. We also looked for existing roadmaps on single-use plastics in other countries or cities such as the UK Plastic Pack.


A strategy note for zero single-use plastic by 2024

Discover the City of Paris' roadmap on single-use plastic !
The collaborative and iterative work over a 4-month period enabled our team to gather the most relevant information, key figures and ideas to list and map:

  • the main constraints in achieving zero single-use plastic in paris
  • the diversity of stakeholders and situations linked to that topic
  • the best need-solution scenario for events, restauration and mass consumption

A strategy note was delivered to the board so that they can start building the roadmap to set and achieve their goals for zero single-use plastics in Paris by 2024.

Build your roadmap to end single use plastics!

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