Promoting synergies to create new values on a territory

· :Seine-Eure case study ·

Valuing waste and optimizing resources on a territory; design new collaborative projects

In 2017, municipalities in the west of France, in Normandy, wanted to reduce the waste within their territory and decided to promote industrial simbiosis.

That is how they launched a series of flows analysis and seminars, to identify the in and out flows and get companies collaborating. But once the flows identified, it was difficult to make the ambition come true.

That is why they wanted to put at least one flagship project into effect.

Build a shared project

From a flow analysis carried out by the municipalities, we involved the companies and institutions with collective intelligence to led to an idea for a project. The project aimed to create multiple values: economic development, relocation of know-how and reduction of waste.

industrial symbiosis workshop

Drawing up a roadmap for an industrial symbiosis project

One main project received attention and interest: clay by product transformation into building bricks. To decide the next steps and stakeholders to gather on that complex project, a roadmap was written applying circular design methods.

reducing waste

Studying the opportunities and the different scenario for the project

Before investing in feasibility studies and experimentations, the municipalities wanted to confirm the market potential for such a project and the different scenario of projects to design the final design brief: industrial manufacturing, local use for individual houses, need for complementary clay available on the territory.

City reduce waste

Promote industrial symbiosis within you territory.

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