Improving the sustainability of a Campus

· HEC Paris Executive Education case study ·

Goodies as a way to improve sustainability and vegetation

HEC Paris benefits from a beautiful site few miles from Paris. For many years, HEC Paris Executive Education has offered to executives high quality trainings and a good experience on the Campus.

An increasing demand from collaborators and clients lead the board members to conciliate sustainability with the Campus experience.

Claudia Schneeweiss – International Project manager

HEC Paris Executive Education

I would like to thank Circulab for initiating this journey towards our sustainable campus. The workshop and the topics covered allowed us to create a real team project, onboarding different stakeholders, within HEC Executive Education (program teams, Marketing teams, logistics teams, Purchasing) and HEC global (HEC S&O Center, HEC Comm and HEC IDEA Center, students). This project made it possible to create and strengthen ties between the teams, it is a real asset.

Thanks to this project we also launched a logo for the HEC Sustainable Campus!

Workshop facilitation

To design a new experience on the Campus, we facilitated a team-focus and playful workshop with the teams (logistics, finance, marketing…). It helped support collaboration among collaborators and raise awereness about the current negative and positive impacts generated on the campus.

Use case

From the workshop, 3 main concepts were turned into use cases in order to select the final one and communicate to the future project leaders. The concept that was developed aims to vegetate and reduce waste on the Campus thanks to a new Welcome Kit.

HEC case study

Launching the eco-responsible Welcome Kit

A volunteer and dynamic team project worked independently to make the project come true. The “New Welcome Kit 2019” project team announced in September 2019 the arrival of the new Welcome Kit for all EXED participants. This kit includes eco-responsible goodies and contribute to vegetate the campus applying a 4-R method: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Grow

HEC case study

Improve the sustainability of your organization.

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