Building a innovative collaborative property management system

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Appart & Sens aims to enhance the relationship between tenants and owners

In France, Florence Bénudeau-Chassaing, Philippe Garcin and Dominique Firinga helped Appart & Sens, a responsible real estate agency, design a new participatory and collaborative property management offer using the Circulab method.

Can you introduce yourself and Appart & Sens?

Florence Beduneau-Chassaing:
I am a member of the Circulab community and today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Caroline Liby from Appart & Sens to present a project we worked together on.

Caroline Liby:
Appart & Sens was created in 2017, it is an ESUS approved responsible real estate agency whose mission is to support home owners and investors finding homes for people who are solvent and who, unfortunately, are excluded from the rental system.


The traditional property manager administers the rental property on behalf of the property's owner, but we wanted to bring an extra spark to the relationship between the inhabitants and stop this cleavage of owner-occupants and tenants who have no say in such matters.

What was the mission implemented with Circulab?

Florence Beduneau-Chassain:
We worked with you in two stages.

We first made the diagnosis of traditional property management, with the Circulab tools, so as to ask the question of the impacts of this traditional property management processes, and where we could do better.

There was also the question of circularity: was it well defined by the traditional property managers or was it not mentionned? Then, we led a second stage focusing on thinking together, with an ideation method, to come up with ideas all together and imagine the "property management of your dreams", as we so called it.

What solution was provided?

Caroline Liby:
What was great was that in the collective sessions, in the second step, all the stakeholders were brought together, as to have this completely transversal perception.

It is true that there are a multitude of ideas that were raised and which today give us very strong terms to be able to build the property management of our dreams.

What was the added value of Circulab?

Caroline Liby:
Their help allowed us to re-scan the entire chain, there is the property manager but there is also the entire business chain with all the suppliers and partners.

We want to recreate a virtuous dynamic with people who really want to have a different approach. Being able to work with all the stakeholders allowed us to really take a step back and completely review things.

When will the property management of your dreams be created?

We are taking the time to do things right. We have a lot of projects at Appart & Sens and we want to carry them out properly, so probably September 2021.

Work with the community to acheive Circular Economy.

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