Circular Economy consulting
design a regenerative business

· a circular business for a better future ·

Apply systems thinking to tackle your challenges

With growing pressures on resources and biodiversity loss, organizations need to redefine their business strategy and keep desirability, viability and sustainability in mind to succeed

To help them in their adaptation to the 21st century challenges, at Circulab, since 2012, we provide a method, tools and support by experts worldwide to reach the best results and create a sustainable future.

They have worked with us:

Involve your teams in business redesign

collective intelligence unlocks creativity!

At Circulab, we believe that:
1- Each team has knowledge and experience of their context or stakeholders, they must be involved in the change.

2- To create shared value, companies need to start with the needs of the final users and the ecosystems they evolve in.

3- Social and environmental impacts have to be considered as strongly as the economic results.

With our circular economy consulting services, we can help you acquire a systemic way of thinking and involve your team in the process through collective intelligence.

  • Opportunity study

    With workshops, interviews and observation methods we help you define your next challenges and priorities, as well as the best strategic plan.

    It can be about a specific issue such as improving a process, concern a targeted market, an upcoming project or a part of your value chain.

  • Business model design

    Thanks to our toolbox and experience in circular economy projects, we can support you in designing your regenerative business model.

    It can be to create a new offer, product or service, to transform your current value creation or to create a whole new entity with circular economy principles.

  • Design diagnostic

    Starting from the current context of your organization, we can help you understand your impacts and identify relevant ways for improvement.

    The diagnostic can be to reduce negative impacts, improve user experience or generate more value within the circular economy.

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