Embrace circular economy within your organization and make the transformation real

Create the products and services of tomorrow

To face the complex modern challenges of the 21st century and finally create the sustainable economic system the world needs, we must look beyond our actual model and start building a circular future.

At Circulab, we can help you lead the change and make your project come to life.

To adapt to constraints, launch new products or services, ease stakeholder cooperation, identify impacts, improve viability… From the idea to its achievement, we support you at every step of your transformation.

It all starts here with circular design! 

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Start your journey: step back to see the big picture

Understand systems to identify opportunities and risks

Map stakeholders, analyze business models, the market and the value chain

Prioritize challenges and build recommendations to improve


Solve complex problems with circular design

Learn the principles of circular economy, seek resource efficiency and positive impacts

With the decision matrix, design the most relevant solution for users, the organization and the ecosystem


Unfold your idea and build a plan to make it happen

Define your project through an opportunity study

Identify major stakeholders and build an engagement strategy

Design the business model and have support while carrying out your project

Circular Design Sprint

If you need to activate the circular design method rapidly and under pressure, we suggest a Circular Design Sprint.

In 3 to 5 days, we will bring together your teams and stakeholders and lead them from defining the problem to creating a proof of concept.

The Explore, Create and Activate steps of the traditional innovation program are therefore accomplished in a “sprint mode”, such speed will make creativity soar.



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 Through design thinking and collective intelligence, Circulab helps you to see beyond the economic or commercial relationship between stakeholders, thus, leading to the creation of shared value and positive impacts over the long term.

Jérôme Priolet, Enactus France


A small company of great professionals with great ambitions and promising results. It is a real pleasure to work with Justine and Brieuc. They are responsible, they know perfectly how to listen to us, guide us, and suggest useful action plans to move the lines for the benefit of more sustainable development.
In conclusion: a company that keeps itself on the ground, with ingenious hands and its actions turned towards practical solutions provided by the circular economy to respond to the issues of the 21st century.

Julien Delamaere – Marketing Manager – SULO Group


By gathering local institutions and companies, Circulab made it possible to reveal complementary factors between the various existing actors in the region, and helped them identify new activities and projects.

Marie Bourc’his, Communauté Agglomération Seine-Eure


The learning experience truly helped me to understand the principles and paradigm of a circular approach, and have confidence while using fondamental tools such as the Circular Canvas, the Partner Map or the Value Chain Canvas.

Quentin Briere Bordier, SQLI 


 In a changing world where constraints (regulatory, environmental, social, etc.) are increasing, Circulab shows how to exploit the many opportunities
that circular economy brings with it.
The experience was fun and productive and is a great way to help companies transit towards a more sustainable (yet financially viable!) business model.

Isabelle Chappuis, Future Skills Lab HEC Lausanne


I would like to thank Circulab for initiating this journey towards our sustainable campus.
The workshop and the topics covered allowed us to create a real team project, onboarding different stakeholders.
This project made it possible to create and strengthen ties between the teams, it is a real asset.

Claudia Schneeweiss – HEC Executive Education


Circulab has helped the City of Paris in a pragmatic, relevant and responsive way throughout the various stages of the service.
Their brilliant understanding of the issues, their ability to listen and to lead stakeholders, as well as rigor in summarizing were particularly appreciated in the performance of their mission.
Circulab has also been able to adapt to constrained deadlines, shown flexibility in a complex political context and has been a real driving force when the City of Paris challenged the product deliverables.

Lucie Le Gall, Sustainable Development and Strategic Planning Project Manager, DGJOPGE, City of Paris


The Circulab toolkit is one of the best toolkits out there on circular economy transformation, regenerative design. Highly intuitive and adaptable.
Highly recommended. 

Fabrice Sorin, FSO consulting

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