Circular Design Course: Learn how to map and redesign systems to create new business, social and environmental opportunities with the circular economy

Design to regenerate our system

Global warming, biodiversity loss, pandemics, resource scarcity, energy shortages to name a few. Global issues are huge, anyone has to act to change the situation. Good new is solutions already exist, circular economy is part of it. The challenge is big, tools and mindset must evolve quickly to take action. To do so, businesses, managers, designers, consultants need to identify easily:

  • > what to start with?
  • > who to involve?
  • > how to create biggest positive impacts?

Circulab offers a playful and online course to Design for a Regenerative & Circular Economy. With this Circular Design modules anyone can apply systemic thinking and master the Circulab mapping tools (the Circular Canvas, the Partner Map and the Value Chain Canvas) to create multiple shared values for users, territories and ecosystems.

Course reviews

An indispensable approach to pragmatically integrate the positive impacts in the business model design.

Eric Texier, eeVee Partner


Course reviews

Very insightful content and exercices with a step-by-step approach based on a “learning by doing” philosophy. We are definitely looking forward to putting into practice our learnings to help our customers build their own path towards circularity!

Stephen Demange, SQLI


What is the content of the courses?

This Circular Design Courses are divided into different remote modules. Each module enable to focus on one angle of the Circular and Regenerative Economy with logical hierarchy and consistency.
The modules are asynchronous and include:

  • > Theory videos and slides with significant examples and key figures
  • > Practical exercises
  • > MURAL templates
  • > Slack channel for Q/A and chat
  • > Accreditation document as “Circulab catalyst”

To ensure your satisfaction, we guarantee:

  • > Lifetime access, no limits
  • > 30 day money back guarantee
Learn and apply circular design

Course reviews

So great this Masterclass training session with Brieuc and Justine !
An easy way to daily learn/practice/manage some very useful Circulab tools. This is perfectly matching New Business Models in a circular economy trend in order to re-invent this post Covid economy through a virtuous manner. Innovation focus is key regarding environment, society and social impacts.

Patrick Noel, Nokia


Systemic Thinking

Understand the systems before starting any project

Everything is connected, we can not think things separately anymore. With this module, you will get the best of the systemic thinking and act in a relevant way.

> Key words: complexity, ecosystems, interdependance

Discover the Circulab academy to Master Circular Design

Master the
Value Chain Canvas

Identify business & regenerative opportunities

In our interconnected systems, when one chain collapses, other face risks. With this module you will be able to adopt a plain view on how value is organized among a market, to design resilient value chains.

> Key words: risks management, resilience, strategy

Master the Partner Map on the Circulab academy

Master the
Partner Map

Identify the key stakeholders and enable cooperation

Designing new loops of values is possible only by involving the stakeholders on the long-term. With this module you will identify the partners to gather and the best hypothesis for shared value.

> Key words: cooperation, shared value, empowerment

Follow this module on the Circulab academy


Master the Circular Canvas

Optimize actual resources and create new revenues.

Business models frame how organization create values and manage resources. With this module you will be able to take the right choices for designing business models, to ensure its positive impacts.

> Key words: business model, design, value(s) creation

Discover this module on the Circulab academy

Define the mission

Know how to precisely define the mission of a regenerative business and the fundamental need it will focus on.

The mission drives the organization in its strategy, but also its partners and impacts. With this module you will be able to define the fundamental needs of the users and ecosystems, to better innovate.

> Key words: purpose, fundamental need, value(s) creation

Master Circular Design on the Circulab academy

Master all the Circulab mapping tools

Understand systemic thinking and know how to get the best from the Circulab toolbox available online.
With this module you have access directly to the 5 modules, and benefit from a discount.

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Course reviews

Very interesting course. Good introduction on the circular business and already very concrete reflections on how to make our model evolve.

Charlotte Bonenfant, s|three Country Director France

One method with many different applications

Corporate Strategy
Rethink your business models, take strategic decisions by sharing a common knowledge with your teams and use system thinking to regenerate your business and ecosystems.

Product managers
Design or redesign products and services with a systems perspective to create new revenus streams, improve your impacts and reduce your resource consumption.

Region administration
Evaluate your basic needs and current strengths/weaknesses and enable cooperation between the local actors in the process of change to improve the resilience of your region.

Ensure your ecosystemic impacts, create new sources of revenues and reduce your costs by optimizing your current resources.

HR purposes
Train your teams to deal with their ecosystemic impacts, create more sober business models and consider relisience in their daily mission.

Educational purposes
To enable your students to embrace the 21st century issues, master the Circulab mapping tools to transmit them systemic thinking and regenerative tools.

Master Circular Design tools

Complex issues do not mean only experts can act. The Circulab mapping tools are easy to work with and enable you to involve anyone who wants to act to change the situation. These courses present you each of the tools and offer you exercises to start practicing on real cases.

Take inspiration from existing solutions

Solutions to design new values are everywhere; in nature, in territories and in our minds already. The trainers guide you through theory and practice with examples of circular economy projects, products or business models with an holistic mindset.

Apply the learnings on the 5 continents

Developed from 2014 with a worldwide and pluridisplinary community of experts, the Circulab mapping tools you get trained to are available in English, Français, 中文, Español, Italiano, German and Dutch. The examples and key figures share are also international.

Course reviews

Hands-on modules on ‘how to use the Circular canvas’, but offering much more : inspirations, tips & tricks… Everything needed to start a circular journey !

Anne-France Mariacher

Created by circular economy experts

Creativity expert and change-maker, Justine Laurent is graduated in International Management and Innovation (Chile and Spain) and is Managing Director of Circulab. She co-developed and applied the Circulab method by working with clients like Plastic Omnium Environment or the City of Paris for example. She is a regular lecturer for ENSCI or HEC.

Brieuc Saffré is specialized in circular economy and innovation through business models. Co-founder of Circulab, the first Circular Design Agency in 2012, where he has worked with large groups such as IKEA, L’Oreal and Interface or SMEs. Co-founder also of Agripolis in 2016, he is the author of several books including Activate the circular economy published in French, English and Chinese. Brieuc is a regular lecturer in Universities or Graduate Schools like Polytechnique or ENSCI.

Justine and Brieuc are the hosts of two podcasts about Regenerative and Circular Economy in French and English.

Brieuc Saffré TEDx

Course reviews

Thank you very much for training Silbo in Circular Economy and the use of the Circular Canvas, a simple and powerful tool to have a systemic vision of our activities, considering all their impacts, to imagine complementary sources of income related to circularity, to think of more virtuous and regenerative economic models.

Pascale Boissier, Silbo Partner


What are the languages of the courses?
The courses are available in English and in French. Spanish courses will be available in August 2020.
Does the online format offers to chat with other trainees and trainers?
Joining the course you get an access to join our Slack channel to discuss with others, share inputs and resources and get the trainers feedbacks on your exercises. A hotline is available by email for any connection issues, and a 30min Q/A session with the trainers is offered at the end of the training.
Do I receive a certificate or accreditation after completing the course?
With these online courses you become a “Circulab Catalyst” meaning you know how to Master the Circulab mapping tools available in Creative Commons. You will receive an internal accreditation document to testify you completed the courses. To become a Circulab certified expert and be part of the Circulab community, another 2-day training is needed.
How long is the access to the online course ?
For life, once you have access to your course, you can come back as long as you want. Nevertheless, we recommend to complete the courses withing 2 months maximum not to lose the path.
Do you have special discounts for students?
Students benefit from a 50% discount. To get a coupon, you can contact us.
What do you do if I’m not satisfied with the course?
We give you back your money but we are confident you will love it.