Acting now for
the long-term

We are Circulab, a studio and a community.

Since 2012, we adapt companies, institutions and local authorities’ projects to the planetary boundaries.

We approach complexity with simplicity.

We design
the uses of tomorrow

Starting now.

We develop services and models that take into account not only the economic and technical viability, but also the social and environmental impacts. There is a fancy word for that: systemic approach. Yes, it may sound intimidating.

You know what ? YOLO.


« Circulab was able to support Paris City Hall in a pragmatic, relevant and responsive way. »

Lucie Le Gall

Sustainable Development and Strategic Planning Project Manager @ Paris city hall


We teach
our way of thinking

To spread it far and wide.

From understanding complex business challenges to mastering circular design, we don’t just give you a introduction to the circular economy. We show you how to implement it.

It’s time to level up.


« The relevance of their tools and the accuracy of their teaching methods allow participants to leave with simple actions they can deploy quickly. »

Caroline Isidore-Weibel

Head of training programme @ Thecamp


We offer
everything you need
to work

It’s on the house.

From impact awareness to business model design, our toolbox will help you apply circular economy principles to your business. These tools are free. And available in 10 languages.

It’s open bar.


Oh. By the way.

We work
with great people

It’s our community.

We work with 80+ people in 25 countries, that share our convictions and are trained in our innovation method. They are ready to share their expertise and knowledge to tackle the craziest most impactful projects.



Now, it's up to you.


(Straight forward)


(Monthly and home made)