Initiate change to achieve a Circular Economy

Since 2012, at Circulab, we help businesses, entrepreneurs,
cities and many more shift towards a more resilient model
and design regenerative solutions.


It all starts with design

and building the system first

See the bigger picture with a systems mindset to find faster and smarter ways to create positive impacts and shape a regenerative future. Let's work, together, across the spectrum to bring your ideas to life.

Embrace new circular opportunities

at your own pace

Your journey to the circular economy starts now with a mindset shift and new skills. At Circulab, we have developed a whole network of experts and reliable tools to help create more value while building resilience.

View our case studies

Organizations all around the world trust Circulab and are building a more sustainable future.
Like them lead the change, drive innovation and create better impacts to make a difference !

Paris Case Study

Helping Paris phase out single-use plastics

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Case study waste management

Designing a new service to improve waste management

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case study design concept

Creating a new business model for sparkling water

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circulab community

Find the right partners...

Get in touch with the best partners to help you on your path. We provide end-to-end capabilities led by experts close to you!

...and get your hands on Circular Design tools

With the Circulab toolbox unlock creativity, boost collaboration and work with the whole system.

circular design tools
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Learn more about the Circular Economy and be inspired.

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Circulab is an independent design studio and strategy consulting firm that helps organizations worldwide create regenerative solutions. As a french-based agency operating all over the world through its community of local experts, Circulab provides consultancy and design services, training courses and efficient tools. Let's create lasting impact to truly achieve a circular economy.

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