Designing a new service to improve bulky waste management

· SULO Case Study ·

A new service for bulky waste management

In the region of Paris, 30 tonnes of bulky waste are produced per year per inhabitant. To manage this waste the rippers transport 20 to 40 tonnes and do more than 40 manipulations per collection, the municipalities must invest in preparation and planification and the costs related to the accident at work represent 200 000€/year for the region.

World leader in waste containers and related services SULO, wanted to develop a new way for the deposit and collection of bulky waste in vertical housing.

Julien Delamaere, Marketing Manager

SULO Group
A small company of great professionals with great ambitions and promising results. It is a real pleasure to work with Justine and Brieuc. They are responsible, they know perfectly how to listen to us, guide us, and suggest useful action plans to move the lines for the benefit of more sustainable development. In conclusion: a company that keep itself on the ground, with ingenious hands and its actions turned towards practical solutions provided by the circular economy to respond to the issues of the 21st century.

Circular design sprint

To design this new offer for bulky waste, we gathered the main stakeholders in a circular design sprint: municipality, maintenance men, waste management organization and the client’s team.


Once the problem defined and the concept designed, first tests enabled to get future users, clients and partners feedbacks and improve the final prototype.

Product design

The final solution is a turnkey service with containers, easy to understand signage and open events, that enables:


  1. Inhabitants to have an easily accesible container and to develop social contact
  2. Local associations to benefit from new materials flows
  3. Collectors to have less hazardous manipulations and optimizing time

Design a new offer or service with the circular economy

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