Biomimicry and systemic design can accelerate regeneration

· The Circulab Method ·

It is time to end the "take-make-waste" economy

The innovation race created by our modern economy has made us forget about our basic needs, our common sens and the part we should play in our complex system. To build together the circular economy, we must transform the way we create products and services and how we manage resources.

80% of all product-related impacts are determined during the design phase

Reducing our negative impacts is no longer enough, we must now strive to make as many positive impacts as possible. With nature as our inspiration, Circular Design improves the viability and the circularity of all economic activities.

Systems thinking for innovation

Towards holistic approach of innovation.
From design thinking to systems thinking, Circulab promotes a new vision for business and helps stakeholders stop thinking « business as usual » and start acting.


As waste (re)becomes a resource

Circular economy is based on 4 principles:

> Optimize: use locally available resources
> Mutualize: share and pool
> Value: transform to add new value
> Regenerate: create more positive impacts than negative ones


An action-oriented approach

Circular Design can make the circular economy a reality.

With Circular Design, we implement circular economy principles during the design stage of the product or service and embrace systems thinking to rethink all product/service-related impacts.

Focusing on user needs, on the system's needs as well as the role of all the stakeholders involved, we get to see the big picture. Therefore, we can tackle our modern complex challenges and create a regenerative future.

  • Creativity

    Unlock your creative power and imagination to unbuild and redesign with a circular sustainable mindset.

  • Collective Intelligence

    Engaging all stakeholders, ensures success and eases change thanks to shared group intelligence.

  • Biomimicry

    Observe and learn from nature’s living systems to design amazing nature-inspired solutions.

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