How is Canadian sustainability awareness seen through a European lens?

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“How is Canadian sustainability awareness seen through a European lens?” By Colienne Regout, a Circular Economy facilitator, currently focusing on core-businesses’ strategies and packaging, and member of Circulab since 2019.

In this podcast,  Colienne shares with us her impressions of her arrival in Canada and some differences on Circular Economy she noticed with her country of origin: Belgium. She gives us the keys to understand the current situation. By listening to this podcast, you will discover many canadian initiatives and inspirations proposed by Colienne.

Following references are mentioned :
– Colienne Regout’s website :

– Colienne’s podcast ‘Unboxing your packaging’ :

– The Light House ( and its National Industrial – -Symbiosis Program:

– BizBiz Share Canada:
-First Canadian CE funds:
-‘Think Thrice about your clothes’, a Metro Vancouver campaign in 2019:
-The Lighter Living Initiative from the Think-and-Do Tank -OneEarth’
-The ‘ Consumer Project’ inspired by SITRA ( and launched by Share Reuse Repair Initiative

-The Brand Battle for Good, Virtual Conference and Hack-a-thon in April 28 & May 5, 2021

– National Zero waste council, a Metro Vancouver Initiative

– The Circular Economy Leadership Coalition:

– the cluster Metal Tech Alley :
– Canada Plastic Pact

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