How can thirds place act to promote a Circular Economy?

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“How can thirds place act to promote a Circular Economy? ” with Annelise Meyer, co-founder of the third place L’Alternateur,  based in Champigny-sur-Marne, near Paris, and a member of the Circulab community since 2019.

In this podcast, Annelise talks about the concept of third places, theorized in 1989 and highly popular today in France.

Annelise shares the challenges she and her associate faced when creating her third place. She explains how they plan to use L’Alternateur as a channel to promote circularity and sustainability practices toward the local community and beyond.

Following references are mentioned :
– Seats2meet, a network of workspaces where people can work for free while committing to share skills with one another:

– The book where the founder of Seats2meet explains everything is available for free online: “The SerendipityMachine – A Disruptive Business Model for Society 3.0”

– The Transition Network, founded by Rob Hopkins:

– The REConomy Centre, a third place that was created by members of the Transition network in Totnes and inspired us a lot on our own project:

– The Coworking Assembly, a network federating independent coworking spaces around Europe whose core values are community, openness, sustainability, collaboration & accessibility:

– The Website of L’Alternateur: (for those who speak French)

How can thirds place act to promote a Circular Economy? Listen to the podcast Podcast How is Canadian sustainability awareness seen through a European lens? Listen to the podcast Listen to the podcast

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