Altavia ACT* joins the Circulab community

· Interview with Anne-Catherine Trinon ·

Several consultants from the communications agency, based in Brussels and integrated into an international group, have been certified as Circulab experts. We sat down with Anne-Catherine Trinon, Managing Director of Altavia ACT*, to ask her how the circular economy fits into the agency’s vision and activity.


Hello Anne-Catherine, could you introduce yourself in a few words and tell us about your background?

Hello, I co-founded the ACT agency in 1997. In 2006, I separated from my associate and continued on my own. I met a coach on my way, who helped me realize the importance to give back to the staff in the agency.

In 2009, I launched a collective intelligence process focusing on two areas: autonomy and co-responsibility of employees.

In 2015, I sold my agency to the Altavia group and merged it with their already existing Belgian agency. Among other things, I brought participatory management processes to the merger.

Can you tell us about Altavia ACT*?

Altavia-ACT is a communications agency specializing in retail and brands. We offer end to end marketing services.

In order to overcome the obstacles of the consumer journey, we are organized into different departments which interact according to the problems to be solved:

  • strategy and branding
  • packaging
  • digital, from applications (web development, e-mailing, etc.) to digital marketing (Some, Marketing automation, etc.)
  • DTP department (online and offline)
  • Print management

We work for companies such as Proximus, L’Oréal, Henkel, Carrefour, Nespresso, Shell but also for start-ups and SMEs.

What is the link between the circular economy and communication?

It all depends on the product. At Altavia-ACT, we thought that there is a direct link when it comes to packaging, and that it is important, at our level, to be able to offer a service that allows us to think about better use and optimization of the packaging.

The same goes for print management where we are currently thinking about several avenues: how to reuse cardboard displays in an optimal way and how to set up a circular economy ecosystem with our printing suppliers and our customers.

How do you see the future of communication in the face of the urgency of the economic, environmental and social crisis we are going through?

I think communication agencies need to question themselves and take the lead.

Learning the techniques to reduce our impact and that of our customers is becoming more than necessary at the present time. It is not only about the circular economy, it is also about the mode of governance, more respectful of employees, that will make the difference.

How did you find out about Circulab and what motivated you to train in the Circulab method and tools?

Vincent Truyens, who is also a certified Circulab expert and accompanies us on a daily basis in our reflections on improving our impact, told us about Circulab.

It was after going through the various online training modules with Circulab that we decided to deepen our knowledge of the tools and methods by passing our expert-level certification.

The reasons were multiple: to deepen our knowledge in order to offer this tool to customers and prospects; but also to be able to differentiate ourselves on the market. It is also a way for us to try to move the lines.

Can you introduce the certified experts within the agency?

We are four certified experts on the team: Tanguy van Innis is the agency’s business development director and head of the Print Management department. Farida Lammari is client manager within the agency and Gauthier Mommens is responsible for a client account and CSR.

What services are offered by Altavia ACT* in connection with the circular economy and what audience are they aimed at?

As already mentioned, we offer services related to the creation of packaging and at the level of print management.

At Altavia ACT* you offer digital services but also print and packaging design. How do you assess the impact of your services and how do you integrate the circular dimension into your achievements?

We are still at the beginning of what we can offer. We evaluate the impact according to the reduction in the quantity of cardboards produced for displays and the way in which we can give them a second life, by using another support or by rethinking the existing support.

Are there one or two projects you are particularly proud of?

A first project was the implementation of an upcycling project for promotional tarpaulins. It took us time to convince our client of the merits of setting up such a project and finally, he realized that it was in line with his CSR policy.

The second project is a project to recover Christmas decoration houses that we have offered as dollhouses to schools and institutions.

What are your ambitions as Circulab certified experts?

Our ambitions are to combine our mastery of collective intelligence techniques and Circulab tools to encourage our customers to think more upstream about the creation of their products. We work with large groups and we want to be able to organize at least three workshops this year.

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