In this interview, Quebec’s Centre de transfert technologique en √©cologie industrielle (CTTEI) discusses the concrete impact of industrial symbioses and the factors behind their success.

Have you ever found yourself over a meal or a drink having to explain your business, the meaning of the circular economy and the need to implement it? Because we have… No matter how many times we give the definition of Circular Economy and a few inspiring examples – by the way, we urge you … Read more

Waves of Change in Biarritz provides a vivid example of how one can apply circular economy principles to a local territory with an objective to build resilience.

Nico Occhiminuti, cofounder of the Forum and Circulab Community member, shares his key learning from the project.

With 9 months to go before the AGEC law render bio-waste sorting at source obligatory, we look and analyse existing solutions to scale composting.

The impacts of clothing production are immense, but increasingly well identified: a garment represents an astronomical consumption of energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, but also discharges micro-plastics and chemical materials, not to mention the associated waste.

However, there is still a subject that is often overlooked: dormant stocks.

Sell in bulk can bring to brands a significant reduction of CO2 emssions and to consumers an access to quality products at lower cost.

Tomorrow’s packaging will have to be “circular” or it will not be. So what are the 3 high stakes for designing circular packaging solutions?

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