Creating a new business model to dispense natural sparkling water

· Source Parot Case Study ·

Restoring the value of a water distributor

With the plastic waste issue, the owner of Source Parot realized he had a role to play. As a sparkling water distribution company, it uses a lot of plastic and generates a lot of waste.


On a market largely dominated by multinationals, selling 1 million plastic bottles every second and having 90% of it going to landfills, Jean-Christophe Arnaud wanted to go further than only “recycling”.


He benefited from that wake-up call to restore the value of the company he bought in 1992, and of the source Parot, a regional pride.

Defining the next challenges and opportunities

In order to specify the design requirements, the team analyzed the current business model and market to better target the main challenges and drivers for action: break the dependence to plastic providers, restore the water properties.

Designing a new bottle and a new point of sale

To meet the requirements; build a new user experience and improve the positive impacts from the transportation to the end-of-use, we designed a new bottle. A bottle that optimizes space during the transportation and storage, differentiates Parot among the other water distributors and makes the reuse possible.


Creating a new water dispenser

To make the new business come true, we also designed a water dispenser for bulk shops. The water dispenser has different functions: make easier the new distribution system, inform the user on the source and the offer and give the furniture an aesthetic finish.


Make your business model evolve with circular economy.

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