Creating new revenue streams by improving waste management

· La Poste Case Study ·

Value the current know-how and current flows to create new revenue streams

In 2011, the French Post launched a new service to develop its services to companies: collecting office paper waste.
This service called Recy’go enabled the company to avoid empty miles, to create a new revenue stream – 10 millions euros turnover in 2015 – and to support the national recycling paper industry.

To follow that work, they wanted to extend their service to any office waste: printer cartridges, cardboard, bulbs, e-waste…

Design a new deposit solution

The requirements were to ease the collection by the postman and to optimize the CE-30, the famous trolley of La Poste.


That leads to an easy-to-use and modular deposit system built on the existing trolley. We designed a great experience that ease manipulations from the different users and reduce “empty collection”.

office_waste_collect (1)

Test the product and experience

In order to improve the final system and deliver an operating solution, the collecting point was prototyped on a large-scale, tested both for the experience and product.


Delivering the final collection point

Once the test and feedbacks gathered, the final design was improved and the product was ready to be deployed.

Objective: create another revenue stream based one reverse logistics and waste management.


Launch a new service create new revenue streams

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