The Value Chain Canvas: The tool to gain valuable advantages with the circular economy

Value Chain Canvas

The Value Chain Canvas enables your to do a complete diagnosis of your market and industry by gathering key information about the resources, end users, competitors, technologies or policy and legal.
Teams are able to identify opportunities, evaluate them and select the one with the most significant economic and regenerative potential.

Download the Value Chain Canvas

Refresh your market knowledge

Our world is more and more complex and everything evolves very quickly; by adopting a holistic point of view, participants share their knowledge and learn new aspects that will change their business.

Identify the next circular opportunities

By screening the whole value chain through the end users, actors, legislation, key resources and technologies, you consider the different threats and opportunities and take strategic decisions in your transition to a circular and regenerative economy.

Consider the ecosystems in your strategy

Designed for different markets and sectors, the Value Chain Canvas helps you to consider your impacts on the ecosystem and on your business. Thanks to this new evaluation method, you are finally able to build fully regenerative strategies.

Ready to redesign your strategy?

You can use the Value Chain Canvas to build your circular economy strategy, or to identify the main opportunities in your market.
And, as we want the circular and regenerative economy to be widely supported and developed, this tool is available for free to download.