Activate the circular economy

· the book to reconcile business and nature ·

Corinne Lepage

former Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development

"It is likely, and in any case desirable, that this book will be read by a very large number of people. Written by three young authors, it is a breath of fresh air and, through the success stories it reveals, truly inspires people to enter the circular economy and more generally the economy of the New World."

Activate the Circular Economy, Reconciling Economy and Nature

Whether it is from an economic, social, environmental or even a public health point of view, waste is everywhere. It is at the juncture of most of today’s ills: pollution, climate change, the rarefaction of resources and of biodiversity, and negative impacts on our health. It is these same observations and aberrations which encourage us on a daily basis to think and to act differently in order to accompany a thorough change in mindset and in social model.

  • Discover circular design and adopt a systemic approach

    Become familiar with design thinking and discover how it is possible and desirable to design in the 21st century, both for the user and for ecosystems.

  • Explore many inspiring examples

    Through the many case studies selected to illustrate the circular economy, get new ideas to activate the circular economy in your country or organization.

  • Understand key principles through diagrams

    Understand all the important notions of the circular economy through clear diagrams and additional explanations.

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