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To build a better and a more sustainable future, at Circulab we seek to help businesses, entrepreneurs, schools and universities, governments, non-profits, cities... find their way to activate the circular economy.
Moreover, by sharing our tools and creating relevant blog and podcast publications on best practices, concepts, studies... we also strive to raise awareness on the necessity to start the transformation of our economic model as we must work together to create lasting positive impacts.

The Blog


Circular Economy for Diggers

Retrieving relevant examples and solutions about circular economy is not always easy, so we made a tool that makes benchmarking way easier.
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Territorial resilience is a matter of genuine collaborations

Waves of Change in Biarritz provides a vivid example of how one can apply circular economy principles to a local territory with an objective to build resilience. Nico Occhiminuti, cofounder of the Forum and Circulab Community member, shares his key learning from the project.
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Composting: one of the keys to the circular economy 

With 9 months to go before the AGEC law render bio-waste sorting at source obligatory, we look and analyse existing solutions to scale composting.
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The Podcast

Activate the circular economy

Activate the circular economy is the book to reconcile business and nature. With this book, become familiar with design thinking, embrace a systemic approach and get new ideas to activate the circular economy thanks to the many case studies we present.

Circular Economy Book

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