It is possible to reconciliate business and nature?

· business or nature, why choose only one? ·

“Don’t choose between business or ecology, do both!”

“Business first, then environment.” We have heard this sentence many times since the beginning of Circulab. For a long time, organizations have focused only on their results, margin growth or revenues. In the same time, environement has been the helpless and first victim with countless pollutions, over exploitations and damagings without being able to say a word or defend itself. Usually, people think that both are opposite.

At Circulab, we don’t believe in this opposition, and prefer cooperation than duality. Indeed, the philosophy of our strategy agency and design studio dedicated to the circular economy is to be inspired by the functioning of natural ecosystems to design human activities: an evolution since 3.8 billion years during which each element has developed in symbiosis to give birth to a resilient and highly innovative system. Trees in a forest are a great example of this resilience.

In our actions, toolbox and community we always considered these 2 dimensions at the same time in order to develop more sustainable – in term of viability and ecology – systems and activities.

Use design to make the very notion of waste disappear

Far from being utopian, this virtuous functioning of nature, for which the notion of waste does not exist and for which everything is question of adaptation and creativity, is increasingly present through the notions of circular economy, collaborative economy or biomimicry associated with innovation or transformation. To make it concrete and actionable by economic actors, mainly companies, our agency uses design, both for thinking and technology.

How can you conciliate business and nature?

  1. Circulab helps you to adopt a systemic and resilient way of thinking thanks to trainings and accessible tools.
  2. Then, Circulab identify your top issues concerning your business, products or markets by considering impacts on ecosystems, territories and resources (from the beginning to the end of life of your product or componants).
  3. From these issues, Circulab helps you to co-design the solutions from the idea to the action plan.

And of course, in each actions and journey towards sustainable and regenerative models, don’t forget to bring creativity, cooperation and gameplays, to involve easily your stakeholders.

The book to conciliate economy and nature

Whether it is from an economic, social, environmental or even a public health point of view, waste is everywhere. It is at the juncture of most of today’s ills: pollution, climate change, the rarefaction of resources and of biodiversity, and negative impacts on our health. It is these same observations and aberrations which encourage us on a daily basis to think and to act differently in order to accompany a thorough change in mindset and in social model.

Thinking outside the notion of waste to design our products, services and business models seems such a complex task that we wanted to make it tangible and easy to understand. That is whay we wrote and published this book initially in French in 2015 and then in Chinese and English in 2018.

This book contains many illustrations, diagrams, key principles and examples of inspiring initiatives that summarize the heart of the circular design and that will help you reconciling economy and nature.

Our book Activate the Circular Economy, is available in English on Amazon or Payhip.

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