Master Circular Design

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80% of the environmental impacts of any product or service is determined during the design process

This statement brings to light the utmost importance of including a circular mindset at the very start of each project, when the product of the service is being designed.

The design team as well as all the people involved in the project at this point must anticipate all impacts and risks of the product or service, before, during and after its use. Therefore, taking into account every aspect of the life cycle.

Today, more than ever, it is crucial to stop thinking in a linear way and find solutions to the real-world challenges. And there is a way!

We can build and rebuild applying systems thinking and circular design

For the last 10 years at Circulab we have helped businesses, entrepreneurs and administrations to design with circular economy principles. We have created methods and world-wide proven tools.

Now, we want to reach out.

We wish to spread our knowledge further and help many more get started with circularity.

Why? Because the more people trained to circular design leads to more positive impacts and therefore a real influence on the way designing is done.

Introducing Master Circular Design, an online learning course

So at Circulab, we have created the Circulab academy.
A dedicated online course for one to acquire the mindsets, skills and tools to solve our modern problems and lead the transition to Circular Economy.

The course is cut into 4 specific learning modules:

  • Understand and apply systems thinking
  • Analyse a value chain with circularity
  • Facilitate cooperation between stakeholders
  • Analyse and design regenerative business models

More practically with this e-learning course you will:

  • Raise your awareness
  • Learn to map a system
  • Co-design circular products
  • Identify new regenerative opportunities
  • Analyse business models
  • Identify and engage stakeholders
  • Optimize resources
  • Create new revenues
  • And so much more…

> Visit the Circulab academy website

How does the course work?

As an online course you can access the video lessons anytime and anywhere. Study when you please.

You will join a cohort with 30 hours of training spread over 6 to 8 weeks. So a schedule is set, but this leaves you with plenty of time to learn at your pace.

During the course you will learn from real world challenges, rapidly you will be able to apply what you learn to your situation and therefore have a real impact.

You will learn to use great tools such as the Circular Canvas, the Partner Map, Value Chain Canvas, Biomimicards… This toolbox will help you feel confident while achieving circularity. 

Joining a class and a dedicated forum will spark ideas and enthusiasm. You can discuss, debate, and accomplish the exercises together as a team. The teachers will connect live on a regular basis to assist and answer any questions.

Once completed, you will receive a certification as Circulab catalyst. Proof that you now master the tools and have the skills to change the way we design.

> Visit the Circulab academy website

It is only together that we can make the circular and regenerative economy a reality.

Join us to to design for regeneration!

Now, it's up to you.


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