Carte Partenaire -Partner Map-: un outil pour créer de la valeur partagée

Partner Map

With the Partner Map, you can identify the key stakeholders of your next challenge.
Before starting a project, the Partner Map session will force you to adopt different points of view, consider the whole value chain, facilitate value creation and anticipate potential threats from different actors.

Download the Partner Map

Identifier les parties prenantes clés

Qu'ils supportent ou non votre projet, une fois que vous les connaissez, vous êtes en mesure de créer une valeur partagée et de faciliter la coopération.

Facilitate information sharing

With a Partner Map session, the participants share their contacts, networks and knowledge about a specific issue to save time on project implementation.

Understand the interests of stakeholders

With the Partner Map, you consider the stakeholders for all the circular value chain steps. By ranking their power to contribute or their interest in making your project real, you can imagine potential synergies.

Ready to build synergies?

You can use the Partners Map to meet different needs at the different stages of your projects, from identifying the key stakeholder on a specific issue, to building a strong partner ecosystem.
And as we want the circular and regenerative economy to be widely supported and developed, this tool is available for free download.