Circular Canvas: A Tool to Design Circular Business Models

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Designing Circular Business Models

With the Circular Canvas, you can create the outline of a business model with its various flows, and identify key impacts for users, for your region, and for the ecosystems around you.
With this tool, you take into account the system around the user and design a solution to meet your needs. By adopting a systemic way of thinking, you keep in mind the points to watch and can design for regeneration.

The Circular Canvas is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Dutch.

  • Map your current impacts

    Map your business model or your projects to visualize its main impacts and facilitate analysis and feedback from your teams.
    Change your perspective: adopt a systemic point of view to consider your economic, social and environmental impacts.

  • (Re)Design business models

    Whether you are a new or a well established company, explore different scenarios, anticipate threats and multiply your positive impacts by designing new business models. There are many different exercises you can test with the Circular Canvas to rethink your business with circular economy principles.

  • Adopt systemic thinking

    With the Circular Canvas, we do not consider the viability of the model merely in terms of cost and revenue. Intuitively, you will also consider value creation through your social and environmental impacts, and you can easily identify new opportunities and the points to watch.

How do professionals use the Circular Canvas

a regenerative business canvas template

Watch the webinar to learn more about the Circular Canvas, created by Circulab and enhanced since 2014. Understand how to redesign your business model with the regenerative economy principles and improve the resilience of your organisation.


Need help using the tool? Join the academy!

Master the Business Models of the Circular Economy thanks to an interactive online course available in English and in French. Learn tmap a current business model with its impacts, to redesign old ones or start and test regenerative businesses.
Find short videos and many exercises to perfectly master the Circular Canvas and become a Circulab catalyst.

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