Your procurement department will play a great role in the transition of your company

How to apply circular economy principles to the supply chain?

If your procurement structure is looking for ways to to align with your organization’s strategic sustainability objectives, and you are intending to translate the key points of your CSR policy into action, this introduction to circular purchasing will help you understand the methods and empower you to do the first steps.

In addition, the workshops will give you tools to develop a sustainable purchasing strategy, identify the right stakeholders for the deployment of the circular economy and quantify the strategic benefits (value creation, risk management, cost reduction) induced in a circular economy.


This training is open to procurement, sourcing, supply chain professionals from government or private organisations.

This training is also open to CSR managers, budget holders and internal clients interested in rolling out circular economy projects


Contribute to the development of sustainable innovation in line with your organization’s sourcing and CSR objectives.

  1. Get familiar with the theoretical concepts and business opportunities of a circular economy
  2. Acquirestrong methods and tools
  3. Futureproof your skills by learning how to buy in line with circular economy principles


1/2 day interractive training


  • Part 1: “Introduction to the circular economy and the
    circular purchases”

    key concepts: linear economics, resources, responsible procurement, recycling
    workshop: quiz on key figures and information


  • Part 2: “The profile of the circular buyer”

    key concepts: purchasing policy, value creation, business design
    workshop: interactive discussion and profile sheet


  • Part 3: “What partnerships and areas for improvement?”

    key concepts: value chain, shared value
    workshop: map a human ecosystem with the Partner map, and identify valuable partnerships

Ready for skill and learning improvement?

You are willing to take action in your organization by applying circular economy to the procurement strategy and actions?

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