Exploring and discovering Circular Economy

· EDHEC EMBA Case Study ·

Introducing Circular Economy and the circular canvas to students

Behind the scenes of a 3-hour workshop for the 25 executives of the EDHEC EMBA in Lille workshop led by Taco Snippen, Vincent Truyens and Adrien Vercaempst, members of the Circulab community.

A hands-on introduction to Circular Economy

1. icebreaker with the quote from Ford (puzzle form, each team has got papers and has to build the right quote)
2. quick introduction on circular economy (bower bird, CE scheme and smart design)
3. introduction to the circular canvas tool (and why is it important) and of the game

Scenario-Based Training

Case study : case Nestor about elderly people care with 5 teams and 5
different scenarii.

We made the introduction shorter and dedicated a longer time to the
summary with the character card: each of the participant represented one
sphere of the smart design to fill out the memo

Format & timing

1. launch of the game with classic steps: discover CC & scenario, 2
round tables with cards, summary with Business Model memo and
final pitch
2. the difference is we give them "fake" banknotes so that they can
invest on their favorite project and the one that respect the most the
4 sphere of smart innovation
3. then 30mn feedbacks : from the game, what in your opinion is
necessary to design and redesign sustainable business models
(creativity, collaboration, right tools, specific challenge


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