The training to design regenerative digital equipment and services, with the circular economy

How to activate the circular economy in the IT industry?

Digital technology is changing our lifestyles, work and society. It is often perceived as an essential element of progress, or even as an essential tool to meet the challenges and issues of sustainable development. However, the impact of digital technologies on the environment is far from neutral: the scarcity of raw materials, the energy needs and waste generation are subjects that must be solved. The circular economy is an essential concept to meet the challenges of this transition.

To help you ask the right questions during the innovation and design processes of digital equipment and services, and find the right answers, we offer this training.


This training is open to managers, engineers, consultants or independants in the IT industry.

There is no preconditions. First insights about the value chain for building projects could be beneficial.


Synthesize and improve a building project, from the design to the end-of-life, to ensure value(s) creation and positive impacts.

  1. Understand the main principles of the circular economy applied to the industry
  2. Acquire system thinking on the whole value chain
  3. Master case studies and new tools to take action


1 day training, 30% theory / 70% practice


  • Part 1: “Systemic design of the value chain”

    key concepts: systemic impacts, resources, linear economy, externalities
    workshop: map flows, interractions and their impacts


  • Part 2: “What solutions to meet which issues?”

    key concepts: modularity, reversibility, sobriety, cooperation
    workshop: case studies on inspiring projects


  • Part 3: “Improve an existing situation with the circular economy”

    key concepts: cooperation, business models, value(s) creation
    workshop: syntetize and analyse a business model with the Circular canvas and map a human ecosystem with the Partner map

Ready for skill and learning improvement?

You are willing to take action in the circular economy to create regenerative digital services and equipments with the circular economy?

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