The training to design for the user and the ecosystems.

How to design in the XXI century?

The European Commission estimates 80% of the costs and impacts of a product or service are defined at the design stage. In other words, if we want to create as many positive impacts as possible and do better with less, we must anticipate and decide the soonest in the process. Now, as the context is getting more serious, any professional must integrate, not only viability and feasibility but also circularity and desirability into the value creation process.

In the XXIst century, managers need to think as designers to acquire agility and empathy. Designers need to think circular to consider the entire system.

This circular design training course, gives you the right focus, methods and tools to design for the user and the entire ecoystem.


This training is open to designers who wish to integrate the principles of the circular economy into their approach, managers or employees of companies who wish to launch system and user centered approach, or any other person willing to acquire the basics of circular design.


Ensure smart innovation through a long-term and positive vision of business and a better empathy towards the end user and the system around him.

  1. Observe and synthesize a system as a whole
  2. Master the principles of circular design and innovation
  3. Adopt the mindset of a designer that which to improve not only the user experience, but also to create values for the territory and the natural ecosystems


3-day training, 30% theory / 70% practice


  • Part 1: “Designing for the user”

    key concepts: design thinking, user experience, mission and value creation, personae
    workshop: define the profiles of users & contexts of use


  • Part 2: “Designing for the whole ecosystem”

    key concepts: biomimicry, complexity, circular economy, ecodesign
    workshop: represent the system around a product or service; user, projet, community, planet


  • Part 3: “Transform idea into sustainable model”

    key concepts: agility, collective intelligence, business model
    workshop: design a circular business model

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