The training to design circular and regenerative business models

How to design regenerative business models, with the circular economy?

The circular economy is a complex paradigm that requires new criteria and indicators in the creation of value(s) but also a more holistic and resilient vision of business.
When it comes to apply circular principles to a business, reducing resource consumption, extending the life span of products, creating regenerative impacts or changing a mindset team, it can be difficult for a manager or an entrepreneur to know where to start.

To help you take action and facilitate experimentation, we designed this training.


This training is open to entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, managers and consultants, innovation teams, any other person wishing to create or develop an activity applying circular economy principles.

There is no preconditions. First insights about business creation or management and/or CSR are useful.


Synthesize and improve a business model by considering the user experience, the business resilience and the impacts on the ecosystems.

  1. Understand the main principles of the circular economy
  2. Acquire systems thinking from a microeconomic point of view
  3. Master the circular canvas


1 day training, 30% theory / 70% practice  


  • Part 1: “We are part of a complex world”

    key concepts: biomimicry, systems thinking, cooperation
    workshop: representing a system and its interactions


  • Part 2: “The circular economy opportunities”

    key concepts: sobriety, recovery, reuse, upcycling, regeneration
    workshop: case studies on inspiring projects


  • Part 3: “Eco-design a business model to multiply value(s)”

    key concepts: business model, value proposition, user experience
    workshop: synthetize and analyze a business model with the circular canvas

Ready to redesign your business model?

You are willing to take action in the circular economy to create regenerative business models with the circular economy?

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