Since 2012, Circulab has been training teams to design regenerative products and services

Why do our training courses?

The paradigm shift we are experiencing requires a cultural shift by the various stakeholders involved. Training is the best way to enable your teams to develop their skills, while improving their motivation and involvement in the medium and long term.
Our training courses, led by our community of certified experts, also enable teams, entrepreneurs or managers to get the right tools, the knowledge and the inspiration and methods to take action.

Learning by doing

Convinced of “learning by doing”, our training courses combine theoretical fundamentals and practical applications, to ensure a good understanding and an increase in skills for everyone.
For all our training courses, we insist on the practical side in order to make the concepts discussed directly applicable. Our approach is participatory. During the course, participants are free to share their experiences or apply the tools directly on their issue to enrich training and learning.

Our circular economy trainings

We have designed our courses taking into consideration your needs as users, but also the current needs and trends on the market, in education, and in the private and public sectors.

All our training courses can be offered intra-company or inter-company. Additional services such as mentoring and design services can be added.

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Regenerative business models

Learn how to synthesize and improve a business model by considering the user experience, the business resilience and its impacts on ecosystems.

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From design thinking to circular design

Adopt the mindset of a designer and master design processes to better design products, services and models in the XXIst century.

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Circular economy for Beauty & Cosmetics

Apply the main principles and mindset of a circular economy in the R&D, product design or marketing of your beauty and cosmetic offers.

Circular economy for Procurement

Apply the principles of the circular economy to procurement to contribute to the development of sustainable innovation in line with the objectives of your procurement department.

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Circular economy for Digital

Rethink the design and cooperation for digital devices and services, to improve their manufacture, use and end-of-life with the circular economy.

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Circular economy for Restaurants

Rethink the design, supply and management of resources in restaurant businesses to improve their sustainability and viability.

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Circular Buildings

Rethink the design and cooperation, for construction, use and end-of-life of buildings with the circular economy, to meet current and future issues and opportunities.

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