From designing out waste to regenerating ecosystems

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How it all started

We have 10 years of expertise behind us but the journey is still long. The best is yet to come so work we us to promote circular economy and create a regenerative future.


Hello Wiithaa

Circulab's journey began when we, (Brieuc Saffré and his partners), founded Withaa with as purpose to design out waste and upcycle events.
But this was not enough for us. Such actions did not transform the companies we worked for as we were tackling only one part of a much more global challenge: creating a better economic system for People and for the Environment.

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First Circular Canvas


The first circular canvas

So, we went further and we helped our first client redesign their business model by applying the principles of circular economy. To do so, we provided a roadmap and approach which led to the creation of the Circular Canvas and Circulab Method.

Back then, circular design and circular economy were not popular, Wiithaa was the first agency to explore such opportunities to help others.


Becoming a community

Indeed, as word of mouth shared the news of this new business tool, more and more people driven by the will to initiate change for a better future asked to learn and share the Circular Canvas. Therefore, Withaa organized a demo and the first members joined the Circulab community.

This keen interest led us to creating our second tool: the Partner Map.

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Building better products and services

Driven by this dynamic of enthusiastic experts by our side, with creativity and consistency, Justine Laurent joined Wiithaa to grow our impact.

We were determined to help companies, cities, universities and many other organizations involve their stakeholders and take action towards sustainability by providing tools, training courses, specific support and success plans.


Wiithaa becomes Circulab

As the Community grew with consultants, organizations, agencies and universities from various sectors all around the world and our tools were now established - the latest being the Value Chain Canvas in 2018 - we decided to merge Wiithaa and Circulab to have a stronger impact and scale our method.

Therefore, the circular design agency Wiithaa, is now known as the strategy agency and design studio Circulab.



Leading organizations into the future

As our 100th member joined the Community, the Circulab method and tools were now promoted by experts on all 5 continents and over 50 000 people have been trained.

The Circulab academy was created: a smart online learning platform for Circular Economy that gathers our training courses and tools to help the most people get started on their circular journey.

Work with us. Initiate change.

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