Improve the viability and circularity of your organization by engaging your teams with concrete actions

Train your teams with circular design tools

The paradigm shift we are experiencing requires a cultural shift for the various stakeholders involved. Training is the best way to enable your teams to develop their skills, while improving their motivation and involvement.

These training courses, run by our experts and facilitators, enable teams, entrepreneurs and business leaders to acquire the right tools and the inspiration to take action.

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Design using regenerative economy principles

“A company must make a profit or it will die. But if we try to run a company solely for profit, then it will also die because it will no longer have any reason to exist.” Henry Ford

Defining the real user needs, reducing energy consumption, optimizing resources and assets at each stage of the product cycle, anticipating the end of a product’s use to avoid waste – here are some effective principles that we can apply to your model, to create new economic, social and environmental value.

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Explore and define your next challenges

“If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Albert Einstein

As our world is very complex and connected, we need to think in a systemic way and define the fundamental issues in order to have the most powerful impact to regenerate our regions and ecosystems.

With workshops, interviews and studies, we can lead market studies or internal diagnoses in a short time frame.

Identify the key issues

Find the best solutions to your issues

“If you don’t take the change by the hand, it will take you by the throat.” Winston Churchill

To better manage change and find innovative solutions to complex challenges, we need teams and partners to be involved so that they can gain in motivation and agility.

That is why we gather stakeholders around playful and creative design sessions, so that they can identify new products, partnerships or models to launch and transform them into tangible actions.

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Transform solutions into valuable actions

Once an idea has been generated and the mindset acquired by the teams, it is important to test and validate the viability, circularity, desirability and feasibility of the solution.

From prototyping to roadmapping, our community of designers, facilitators and experts can help you transform your solution into tangible plans and results.

Design my new product or business model

Marie Bourc’his, Communauté Agglomération Seine-Eure

By gathering local institutions and companies, Circulab made it possible to reveal complementary factors between the various existing actors in the region, and helped them identify new activities and projects.

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Jérôme Priolet, Enactus France

Through design thinking and collective intelligence, Circulab enables you to see beyond just the economic or commercial relationship between stakeholders, leading to the creation of shared value and positive impacts over the long term.

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Isabelle Chappuis, Future Skills Lab HEC Lausanne

In a rapidely changing world where constraints (regulatory, environmental, social, etc.) are increasing, Circulab shows how to exploit the many opportunities that circular economy brings with it. The experience was fun and productive and is a great way to help companies transit towards a more sustainable (yet financially viable!) business model.

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Ready to take up your challenges?

Let’s maximize our chances to regenerate our regions and ecosystems. Ask for a meeting to know how the Circulab can help you to take up the challenges of the 21st century.

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