Offer circular economy methods and toolkits to your students

Make students the influencers and leaders for a sustainable future

Higher Education can serve as a powerful means to help create a more sustainable future

In August 2018, a global student movement started to protest against climate inaction. At the same time, companies and institutions emphasize soft skills and environmental consciousness in the recruitment processes and countries are building their circular economy agenda. Education is an instrument to reach the 21st century’s goals.

It’s time for Higher Education to lead the path with the theory and act in practice.

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Get a circular design certification and equip students with the necessary knowledge and tools

By joining this international community of Certified Universities not only you engage your teaching faculty and staff, but you also train future professionals on circular and regenerative economy. Such a toolkit is even more valuable when it offers team focus and playful methods that can be adapted for online

With our circular economy education toolkit, you empower both teachers and students.

Circulab has developed a strong experience on education and facilitation, and offers high quality materials, courses and services to Universities in Transition to Sustainability.

Circular Economy Certification Education

Serious games

Cooperative learning

Our circular economy toolkit for Higher Education is based on creative and collaborative methods, applied to system thinking and biomimicry. It makes it possible for teachers to become facilitators and involve students in a more dynamic and team-focused way so that they can share and learn together how to regenerate ecosystems.

Course materials

Key issues from a circular perspective

Our circular economy toolkit for Higher Education brings you course materials, notes and case studies with graphics, videos and examples. It makes it easier for teachers to raise awareness on linear economy dysfunctions but also for students to get used to circular economy fundamentals and bring existing or new solutions to social, economic and environmental issues.

Cross-borders partnerships

Practical knowledge approach

Our circular economy toolkit for Higher Education comes with case studies from all over the world, and potential connections with certified experts on different markets, expertise and topics. Students can get involved with real scenarios and connect them to the field. 

A 3-step process to join our community of circular economy certified consultants

  • > Step 1
    Select your team of certified teachers

  • Choose the teaching faculty/staff to be certified, or if you are a member of staff and want to be the first one to get certified, contact us.
  • > Step 2
    Certification training

  • A remote training session (20 hours) followed by a face-to-face one (7hours) to master our circular economy toolkits and design your first courses and workshops.
  • > Step 3
    Yearly Membership

  • Once certified your University and teachers get access to our circular economy toolkit for Higher Education and to the Circulab community with a yearly license and a fixedsubscription.


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