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In the last decades most of companies and institutions have been struggling with uncertainty, crises and resource scarcity that jeopardize our models. The need to reduce resource extraction, optimize use of goods and reduce waste is sharper than ever. In a economy that needs to move and act quickly, getting support from system thinkers and change leaders is key in the decision making process.

Our circular certification and network is a turnkey service to help you make secure, profitable and regenerative models a reality for your clients.

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Community Certified Expert

SOFIES is a Certified Agency

Since we have been certified and started using Circulab with our clients I really appreciated how versatile the tool is: no matter the Industry or the problem to tackle, in our toolbox we always find the right cards or board to inspire participants and come up with solutions related to regenerative economy and eco-design.
And I always enjoy using it with students as well as corporate clients. The “fun” dimension of the game is also helping a lot to brake barriers between teams and business units inside the same company.
A great value added when animating workshops… 

Managing Director – Agency SOFIES UK

Interview with F. Magalini

Acquire result-oriented circular economy methods and join an international community

Getting this circular economy certification you can attest that you master results-oriented methodologies on circular and regenerative economy while surrounded by internationally recognised experts on eco-design, collective intelligence and biomimicry.

With the Circulab community you can certify your methods and work to drive resilience.

Circulab has acquired a strong know-how and network on circular design and offers to other training, design and consulting agencies, to share and value it on their market, territories and clients.

Preview of circular design tools and certification

SOFIES is a Certified Agency

Circular economy, industrial ecology and eco-design are the basis of my daily work. The use of the game allows me to provide my clients with a results-oriented methodology while allowing me to unite the team around the dynamic and stimulating process. I am delighted that a large community of experts are developing useful tools in collective intelligence. At Sofies we are proud to be a Circulab certified Agency.

Alban BITZ
Managing Director – Agency SOFIES Geneva

Circular design tools

Continuous portfolio improvement

Our circular economy certification offers resourceful methods and circular design approved tools, tested and distributed on the 5 continents. It makes it possible to effectively facilitate virtual trainings, face-to-face workshops or on-demand services for a circular and regenerative economy.


Gateway to the best circular economy practices

Our circular economy certification gives you access to webinars, share learning practices and tools to benefit from Circulab and others experts’s experience and know-how worldwide. It makes it possible to update and enrich your practices thanks to experts with mutual interests and to provide Circulab services to your client.


Valuable partnerships across countries and expertises

Our circular economy certification offers you to join our international and multidisciplinary community of consultants, designers, teachers and lead to new business opportunities in more than 20 countries, on the 5 continents. It makes it possible to open your team to new markets and areas of expertise and offer to your clients comprehensive offers.

A 3-step process to join our community of circular economy certified consultants

  • > Step 1
    Select your team of certified members

  • Choose the collaborators you wish to get certified or, if you are a collaborator and want to be the first one to be certified, call us.
  • > Step 2
    Certification training

  • A remote training session (20 hours) followed by a face-to-face one (14hours) to master our circular economy toolkits and design your first services, workshops and trainings.
  • > Step 3
    Yearly Membership and support

  • Once certified your Agency and team get access to the Circulab community services, offers and tools with a yearly license and dedicated support to reach your goals.


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A webinar hosted by TEVI – Cornwall.

Circular economy design increases resilience and regeneration from Tevi on Vimeo.

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