How to make the public aware of the environmental impacts of the textile industry?

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Type of project : Service/product design
Country: France
Type of organization: SMEs
Line of Business: Textile and fashion

Refashion  is an eco-organization of the Textile, Clothing, Household linen and Footwear industry.

This eco-organization ensures, on behalf of more than 5000 companies, the prevention and the management of the end of life of their products by encouraging collection, repair and re-use and helping brands in their eco-design approach.


Refashion is an approved eco-organization by the State and is in obligation to renew its certification. This renewal process has become more complex, especially concerning the public awareness on the subjects related to reuse and repair. To answer these new requirements, Refashion wanted to create a tool to raise public awareness about the impact of the textile industry.


As part of its missions, Refashion wanted to deploy a game to raise public awareness about the environmental impacts of the textile industry.

Offer and key points

To meet the needs of Refashion, Circulab proceeded in 3 steps:

  • Preparation of an overview of the serious games already available on the market

  • Proposal of a prototype for the serious game

  • Creation of the first prototype of the RefashionQuiz


A prototype of RefashionQuiz was realized via typeform, in the form of three courses (Jean/Household linen/Sneakers). This quiz allows each user to better understand the value chain of each of the three products, in particular from the extraction of the raw material to the end of life of the product.


This quiz is currently available on the Refashion website and on their social networks.

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