Circular Economy Certification dedicated to Universities with the Circulab tools

How can we train the professionnals of tomorrow to the regenerative economy?

In August 2018, a global student movement started to protest against climate inaction. At the same time, companies, institutions emphasize soft skills and environmental consciousness in the recrutment processes.

To face 21st century’s challenges, Universities and Graduate Schools must train future professionals to create and manage regenerative activities.

To make students the actors of change, we offer Universities and High Schools a set of training, pedagogical materials and formats to educate for regeneration.

Who get certified?

This Circulab certification is for any Higher Education Institutions willing to teach and learn its students how to design regenerative products, projects and businesses.

The Circulab methodology can be for future designers, engineers, managers or even entrepreneurs. It can be for private or public schools anywhere in the world.

We train the teaching staff (CSR, management, sustainable development, entrepreneurship) looking for new methods and tools for their students but also to develop their own skills, and certify the entire institution.

Access to easy-to-use tools and materials to educate the students

By being part of the Circulab community, you have:

– courses materials on more than 10 key topics (business models, circular economy, complexity, design…)

– exercices routine and workshops to foster student-professor interaction and collaborative learning

– toolkits with powerful tools and practical cases.

Increase the knowledge of the teaching staff

By being part of the Circulab community, you get:

– an access to 5 training modules online and in autonomy to master the fundamentals of Circulab tools and methodology

– a 2-days Training experts for any teacher willing to apply regenerative design with their students

– a participation to any mastermind, event or complementary training offered by the other members of the Circulab community

– a continuous communication and knowledge sharing through our social network.

Professionalize the courses and student’s projects

By being part of the Circulab community, you can:

– ask for any certified consultants experience or feedbacks from specific industries or projects

– build partnerships between certified companies and your student’s projects

– access to practical cases lead by the Circulab community

Become a new member of the community

To join the Circulab network, you must register to two training sessions: the Training fundamentals and the Training experts.
The Training fundamentals is composed of 5 modules of 3 hours each, to be done online and in autonomy (available in English and in French). These modules allow you to master the fundamentals of circular design and systemic thinking approach, including Circulab methodology and tools in Creative Common.

If you wish to continue the training and become a member of the Circulab Community, you will have follow additionally the Training experts.

The Training experts takes place in live (either online or face to face). It lasts 14h, split on 2 days, available in English, French and Spanish. You will apply your learned skills, access all the Circulab tools (non Creative Common) and go through the formats of services, cooperation and workshops allowed by Circulab. At the end of the Training experts, you will be able to apply Circulab autonomously and get the most out of the Circulab community. Following the training, an annual license allows you to benefit from the brand, get all the tools and their updates, follow the trainings and to receive business development support as well. You will also have access to the Circulab social network that brings together all the members and their discussions.

Want to join us?


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