Why and how to join the Circulab Community as a Certified Agency?

How do you help your clients to create regenerative business?

Most of companies are struggling to deal with the 21st century issues. Especially in a economy that needs to move and act quickly to deal with biodiversity loss, the expansion of new competitors and resource uncertainty. This is the reason why we created this circular economy certification with the Circulab solutions.

To face these great challenges, teams ask for advise and supports. Adopting a systemic approach to better support their clients in their development or mutation is now a must have for any strategy design agencies.

To support your client towards models that are both profitable and regenerative, your agency can join the Circulab community.

Who get certified?

This certification is for any business that assists with decision-making or design processes other firms, and willing to acquire new methods and services.

It can be for consulting or consultancy companies, design agencies or clusters working with clients with strategical or operational issues.

We train the designers or consultants in your company (innovation, management, sustainable development, entrepreneurship) looking for new methods and tools to add value to their current expertise.


Circular method to enrich your work

By being part of the Circulab community, you have:

– the full Circulab toolbox with creativity tools, canvas and practical cases to easily apply circular design mindset

– workshops to help your clients to design circular products

– customer-support to get the best from the tools and benefit from upgrading

Increase the knowledge of your teams

By being part of the Circulab community, you get:

– a 2-day initial training for any designer or consultant willing to apply circular design for their clients

– a participation to any mastermind, event or complementary training offered by the Circulab community

– a continuous communication and knowledge sharing through our social network.

Facilitate your projects in circular economy

By being part of the Circulab community, you can:

– ask for any certified consultants experience or feedbacks on similar issues or projects

– build partnerships between certified consultants and your teams

– access to similar projects or client’s issues by the Circulab community

How does it work?

To join the Circulab Community, you must select the people you want to get certified in your agency. Then, they are trained during a 2-day training session (in English, French or Spanish) which will introduce them to the complete method and teach them how to use, apply and qualitative outputs from the Circulab toolbox and materials.

At the end of the training, they will be able to apply the Circulab toolbox and methods to any of their projects.

Once the training completed, an annual license allows the agency and its trained team to benefit from all the services, tools and materials presented above.

Preview of circular design tools

Want to join us?


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